They Say Meme Warriors Won Trump The White House In 2016, Well They’re Back And Better

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

If you want to know why liberals fear the meme war of 2020, just read this article from Rolling Stone. The interview covers an “expert” claiming that it was “memes filled with false information” that won Trump the White House. They would never admit that anything negative said about their candidate could be true, so a meme containing anything negative must be a lie.

These meme accounts are supposedly from Russia, but the reality is that millennials stood up and did the job that our generation before us couldn’t do: We created memes with real information that damaged Hillary’s narratives, and spread them far and wide.

Rolling Stone:

“Instagram played a bigger role than most people appreciate in 2016 as a vehicle for the IRA (Russia’s Internet Research Agency). Instagram has not in the interim taken the steps that its own older brother or older sister platform, Facebook, has taken, and as a result, I think it remains vulnerable.

On top of that, people need to appreciate that image-based or meme-based disinformation is equally if not more problematic and prevalent than strict text-based materials. Instagram is obviously a place where images rule. And Instagram is increasingly popular with younger users, and so potentially with new voters, who may or may not be paying attention to the provenance of the material they’re absorbing from social media.”

Joe Biden is an easy target for meme warriors. He has sexual abuse allegations against him. He is on video admitting to illegal activity during his time in office. His son is a complete scumbag trainwreck who has a severe addiction to ruining his family members’ lives. He would sell his soul to China if his handlers told him to. And last but not least, he has a significant cognitive decline.

Meme warriors take their memes made from Biden’s character flaws to the masses as educational tools for reasons not to vote for him. It was a genius tactic that the left didn’t pick up on quickly enough. Since the 2016 election, the meme wars never really stopped, with both sides perfecting their craft.

Today I had the pleasure of watching two great contenders for ‘Meme Wars Championship.’ Both memes destroy Biden and liberal talking points as well as being downright hilarious.

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