17 People Killed And 87 Shot In Chicago’s Bloody Independence Day Weekend, Report Says

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The Chicago Tribune is reporting that 87 people were shot, and 17 people were killed during Chicago’s Bloody Independence Day Weekend. Mayor Lightfoot tells the press that two of those deaths were children.

Mayor Lightfoot says that it is coronavirus’s fault. Because, of course, it isn’t her leadership that is to blame or the string of Democrat Mayors before her. No, according to Mayor Lightfoot, “all of these forces are coming together at the same time, and it is making it very difficult.” She claims that all the social services in the city are just coming back online after being hit hard by COVID and that its Covid’s fault, not hers.

The reporter tells an agreeing Mayor Lightfoot that shootings in her city are up 40%, and murders in her city are up more than 30% over last year. Black communities are under attack from Democrats willing to sacrifice their lives for votes, thugs killing kids over drug wars, and Marxist terrorists using their pain to take down America.

At some point, someone has to put a stop to this and take back Chicago. How many more children need to be murdered before the people of Chicago realize that electing the same leadership time and time again isn’t going to fix their city? Guess what Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, and yet 87 people were shot this weekend. It is almost like strict gun laws don’t work.

While Mayor Lightfoot blames the high number of shootings on the taxed public safety departments due to coronavirus, I think it is more likely that Democrat policies have failed this city for generations. The high numbers are a result of that failure.

The family of a 3-year-old victim told the CNN reporter that they “now have children carrying the caskets of children.”

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