Trump Administration To End Obama-Era Transgender Homeless Shelter Rule

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In a victory for women and women’s rights, the Trump Administration has announced a plan to end to an Obama-era policy forcing homeless shelters to accommodate transgender people with the gender with which they identify. That meant women’s shelters could not discriminate and were required to allow trans women (i.e. men) to stay with homeless women and children.

Now women’s shelters can actually be women’s shelters and men’s shelters can be men’s shelters. Common sense and freedom are reigning at Ben Carson’s U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

CNN, using very biased language, reports:

The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Wednesday that it plans to roll back an Obama-era rule that barred federally funded homeless shelters from discriminating against transgender people.

The department said in a statement that it will soon publish a modification to the 2016 part of the Equal Access Rule, which was put in place under then-President Barack Obama, that required shelters to provide lodging regardless of gender identity. It’s another move from the Trump administration in its ongoing assault on federal protections for transgender Americans (emphasis added).

“The new rule allows shelter providers that lawfully operate as single-sex or sex-segregated facilities to voluntarily establish a policy that will govern admissions determinations for situations when an individual’s gender identity does not match their biological sex,” the statement read.

The department, which proposed a similar rule change last year, said in the statement that the new change would “better accommodate religious beliefs of shelter providers,” as well as other practical concerns.

This rule change would be a victory for women’s rights and religious liberty.

The ACLU, of course, is outraged. Whenever a sane, sensible policy is set in place, you can count on the ACLU to object.

The reaction from those on the left is pure outrage. They require everyone in society to bend to the gender delusions of others. Women must be put at physical and emotional risk because they don’t matter as much in this identity politics hierarchy. Transgender rights rank higher than women’s rights.

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