‘Cancel Culture’ Strikes Again, the Oregon vs. Oregon State Football Game Will No Longer Be Called ‘Civil War’

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I’m pretty sure we’re living in the dumbest time, where words have no meaning and the only thing that matters is how they make you feel.

The dictionary has redefined racism. A university has removed the word “freedom” from their ID cards because it “dehumanizes” black and minority students. A Texas realtor group will no longer use the word “master” – you know, as in “master” bedroom or “master” bath – in listings.

And now, the Oregon-Oregon State rivalry football game will no longer be referred to as a “Civil War.”

This might make sense if Oregon had been a major player in the Civil War, but it wasn’t. Oregon entered the Union in 1859 as a free state, a refuge from slavery. The state’s participation in the Civil War was minimal. (Oregon’s history on race relations is far from clean, however; the state constitution originally included a “whites only” clause, and blacks who refused to leave the area were subject to beatings.)

Moreover, the term “civil war” is not specific to the American Civil War. Wikipedia lists hundreds of civil wars from around the world. Even Merriam-Webster, the woke dictionary, defines a civil war as a conflict between factions within the same nation, not limited to America in the 1860s.

I fail to see how removing the term “civil war” from a football rivalry will help repair race relations in this country. This is nothing more than universities virtue signaling their wokeness.

What’s next? Cancelling Captain America: Civil War because the title might be triggering?

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