Opinion: Video Claims To Show Virginia Law Enforcement Pushing Back Crowd Intent On Destroying Another Statue

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

This video is such a mood. I am sick and tired of watching these entitled white domestic terrorists topple our history and deface our country. After what happened to George Floyd, the country took a moment and said: “You know what? It is time for police reform, nobody should die like that.” That wasn’t enough for the social justice brigade; they joined with ANTIFA and ruined everything.

They started to deface monuments and abuse the police. We thought it couldn’t get worse; this is rock bottom. Then they lit St. John’s church on fire, and when they saw that the media were going to actively give them a pass on desecrating a house of worship, they doubled down.

These terrorists tore down the statues and monuments of our forefathers. They went after confederate statues first to warm up the crowd. If they went straight for George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, it would have been shut down immediately. They went after the obvious statues that pointed to a time where men fought to keep the way of the south, which included owning slaves. No one will object when those statues get toppled.

Now ANTIFA and the rest of the criminal rioters have the country primed and ready to accept the destruction of our history, and they go for everybody. No one is safe as they attack Lincoln and other abolitionists. If you haven’t made the realization about the purpose of this movement, let me fill in the blanks: They hate America and want to take away anything that makes America great.

They want us to feel alone and separated. They want us to feel like we are the minority voice, but we are not. We are the silent majority. We are the ones who sent a statement four years ago this November, and it is time we remember that.

The law enforcement in Virginia remembered that as they showed rioters that their time has come to an end. These rioters sought to topple yet another historic statue when the Virginia Law said, “NOT TODAY, SATAN!”

This is precisely what I needed to wake up the senses this morning! I warn you, this is a mood!!

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