Host On Muslim Brotherhood TV Says ‘Homosexuals Should Be Killed – Burned Alive, Thrown Off a High Place, or Stoned,’ Research Institute Reports

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According to the D.C.-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), TV Host Hala Samir appeared on Turkey’s Muslim Brotherhood TV and made disturbing remarks about homosexuals.

There was a shift in our religious dynamic in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected President. America’s media started protecting the Muslim religion above all others.

Christianity was painted as intolerant hate speech while Islam was sold to the American people as an oppressed religion that just wanted to live in peace. American’s not familiar with either religion bought this hook line and sinker. It’s not their fault. It’s their parent’s fault and the government for changing up our education system to appeal to the minority voice as opposed to the majority.

The Muslim Brotherhood TV host from Egypt, Hala Samir, is not hiding how the “tolerant” religion treats and encourages others to treat homosexuals.

Samir is seen in video below saying that “the companions of the Prophet Muhammed unanimously agreed that homosexuals should be killed.” Samir continues to explain that although they all agreed that homosexuals should be killed the “method of killing” brought disagreement among the group.

She says that the options for killing homosexuals vary from burned alive which was the Prophet Muhammed’s personal favorite, thrown off a high place and then stone, or stoned.

This doesn’t sound very tolerant to me. This does not sound like a religion that is interested in blending in and living in peace, at least not this sect of Islam. Just like Christianity, Islam has its extreme sects that use extreme language in the Bible or Koran as justification for their hatred of others.

The Muslim Brotherhood is not the sect of Islam that will bring peace and unity with the people around them. They are a terrorist organization protected by the shield of religion.

Keep in mind that, Ilhan Omar was accused of pledging allegiance to a number of Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

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