NFL Coach Jack Del Rio Refuses To Back Down From Supporting Trump, Says He’s “100% for America”

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Well, it looks like Jack Del Rio will either be begging for forgiveness or losing his job soon. Del Rio is the defensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins.

Check out his recent tweets. In this first one, Del Rio refuses to back down from supporting Trump. Maybe he’s reached his limit, seeing all the chaos in Washington D.C. and across the country. I know I certainly have.

This was not Del Rio’s only opinionated tweet.

Del Rio is dead-on with this opinion. We are not talking about ballerinas here. These are tough, hard-nosed football players!

Del Rio, unfortunately, commented on an alleged AOC tweet about keeping America closed which was a fake.

All I know is that this dude has way too many conservative opinions to last in the NFL right now. Will the mob force him to pull a Drew Brees, backtrack and beg forgiveness, or will he stand his ground lose his job?

It appears that Del Rio doesn’t give two craps though. He is not holding back his opinions, which he had to know were going to generate controversy. So maybe he will be the rare public person these days who does not back down from his beliefs and opinions. I don’t even want to call them unpopular opinions, because I believe they are popular opinions. They are, however, politically incorrect.

What do YOU think the odds are on a public apology from Del Rio?

From The Daily Caller:

Should we set a watch to how long it’ll be before Del Rio deletes this tweet and issues an apology? I give it a few more hours.

There’s no way Del Rio makes it through Wednesday without having to backtrack on this. It’s just not going to happen.

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Given the fact that the players in the NFL don’t exactly love Donald Trump and the fact players are going to be kneeling this season during the national anthem, Del Rio isn’t doing himself any favors.