Democrat Collapses After Reportedly ‘Punched And Kicked In the Head by Ten Protesters,’ Daily Mail Reports

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Wisconsin State Senator Tim Carpenter was repeatedly punched and kicked in the head by ten protesters after he was found filming the protest taking place outside of the state capital building, Daily Mail reports.

A Twitter user shared video footage that shows the moments leading up to the attack. It shows two white women running to the Senator to block the recording and grab his phone.

Senator Carpenter told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the attack saying, “I don’t know what happened… all I did was stop and take a picture … and the next thing I’m getting five-six punches, getting kicked in the head.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also reported that Governor Tony Evers took a strong stand against violence “against any person.”

Governor Evers:

“I want to be clear: violence against any person — whether in the middle of the street in broad daylight, at home trying to sleep, going for a run, or happening upon a protest as was the case last night — is wrong. It should never be tolerated.”


Here is the crazy thing about this whole story. The Democrats have been screaming from their ivory towers that Democrats are one with the protesters. You would assume that a gay liberal progressive Democrat would be safe from mob violence, but you would be wrong.

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The mob doesn’t care if you kneel or stand with them. This isn’t about justice or even about making everyone understand that Black Lives Matter. This is purely about changing our country through destruction, silencing, violence, and fear.

Because if a gay Democrat Senator isn’t safe from the mob, you can bet the farm that a white heterosexual mom isn’t either.

I read your comments from my post yesterday.

  1. I have every right to fear for my family. If I were by myself and I didn’t have to worry about my decisions effecting them, I would have three Trump signs and a flag in my yard.
  2. Marmee is a nickname I received from my eight sisters. It is from the original “Little Women” movie.
  3. Out of love for my husband, I keep my mother-in-law in my life. I hope she is never treated the way I have been by her and the children she raised (minus my saint of a husband, of course), but I hope one day God can soften her heart through my actions.

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