Carpe Donktum Banned From Twitter, And Our Account Is Locked Due To This Tweet. WTF.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

You guys, things in Censorhip-land are getting completely out of control. You’ve probably heard by now that Carpe Donktum, KING of creating hilarious parody videos that President Trump often retweeted, has been permanently banned from Twitter. Gavin McInnes has been banned from YouTube. It’s all happening in sort of a slow trickle, leading to the election, and if you can’t see that it’s blatant conservative censorship, you have some seriously amazing blinders on.

This morning? I logged on and saw that our Twitter was locked due to a response to a troll I wrote back in May. I clicked on the “Next” button after the notice appeared on my screen, and saw this:

So, a random reply that I made to a random stranger on Twitter back in May, was enough to get me locked out of our account.  I went ahead and deleted it and got right back in, because what do I care about some random convo I had with a nobody two months ago?

But I was curious about what this whole exchange was even about, so I did some digging. I’d blocked this person, but viewed her tweet history to see what was up.  And you guys, literally every tweet of hers is a vicious, disgusting insult to someone.  Here’s a quick example.

So that gives you an idea of her delightful personality.

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The conversation we had?  Was this:

My initial retweet was a response was to that batsh*t lunatic Amy Siskind, who was pissed off at Mitch McConnell about Covid.  Angie Cox decided inexplicably to get into the middle of that with her comment above.

So I responded with the insult that locked me out above – about her being “Becky with the bad hair.”  See what I did?  It was a play on a Beyonce song, and a response to her calling me a Karen.

As far as insults go, I thought it was pretty tame, especially considering her liberal use of words like c*nt and tw*t.

Here was her response.

I didn’t even see that response, since I had already blocked her.  But somehow, I was apparently expected to know that some random loser on Twitter who constantly hurls horrible insults at people has a hair loss condition.  And because I didn’t know that, and called her Becky, Twitter locked me out of my account.

Does that sound like a random move on Twitter’s part to you? To go back to a tweet of mine from early May and decide that it was “targeted harassment” or whatever other community guideline they think I violated?  Or something more targeted, given their recent behavior with Carpe Donktum and others?

Meanwhile, take a look through Angie’s twitter timeline, and compare my calling her Becky to her calling everyone EVERYTHING.  Do you think she got locked out her account?

I’m guessing not.

This censorship is out of control.