Bubba Wallace Is Super Irritated That The Noose Wasn’t A Noose, And Commiserates With Don Lemon

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DUDE. You should be delighted that you and others completely overreacted to a total non-situation.

But nope. He’s “mad because people are trying to test my character and integrity.”


Dude is still insisting that this was a “straight-up noose,” that it was purposefully placed, that it was NOT a garage pull, and that it doesn’t matter if he was the intended target or not. He can’t simply say, “So grateful NASCAR investigated and that there was no evidence of any wrongdoing.” No. Now he’s got to go whine to Don Lemon (who is obviously super sympathetic and spends most of the video playing personal therapist), and continue to keep making this some sort of racial injustice.

In my view, this interview made him look like eleventy billion times worse.