BREAKING: Federal Appeals Court Orders Judge To Dismiss Case Against General Michael Flynn

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Flags out for Flynn! It’s finally happening, you guys! Praise God! I’d have gotten this article out a bit sooner, but I’ve been interrupted a few times with happy tears. I’m crying with joy over here!

I last shared my thoughts about Flynn’s case on May 1st. And then when Mary wrote about the DOJ dropping charges against Flynn on May 7th, it seemed like a home run. But sadly, since then, further delays for justice were set in motion by Judge Sullivan, which now makes him look very suspect in the corrupt fraud that surrounds this case. Never mind that stink of the swamp because today is the day!

It is June 24, 2020, and it is a new day for the rule of law! The People’s General has been set free!

If I had to bet, I’d say a few Obama cronies soiled themselves today, because of this news. And maybe more than once.

The story is complicated because it’s so corrupt, but put in simplest terms: Obama cronies pushed to investigate Flynn when they knew he committed no crimes. The only reason Flynn ever pled guilty is that the same snakes threatened to go after his son if he didn’t give them a guilty plea.

PLUS, the exculpatory evidence is soooooooooooo damning. These co-conspirators must know what’s coming for them.

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Obama told his team to “have the right people on” the Flynn case. To me, that essentially says, make sure to “have corrupt people on” his case, which seems to be what happened. Corrupt people, working for one of the most corrupt Presidential administrations in history, framed an innocent three-star General. Last I heard, that is the type of stuff that goes down in third world countries, not America. But it did go down in America, and it should frighten every single person in this country – no matter your politics.

As I’ve been relishing in my joy, this morning, I envisioned Obama and all his little comrades running for the nearest plane they could catch to get the hell out of dodge. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not sure that’s going to work, fellas.

This one goes way to the top, the very tippy top, and sh*t is about to get real.

The Obama crony gag order on Flynn is over. Flynn will hopefully soon talk and sing like a bird, and I cannot wait to listen.

God Bless General Michael Flynn, God Bless Sidney Powell, and God Bless America.

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