A Harvard Law Student Sues University Over Tuition Prices As Classes Remain Online, Report Says

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ABC reported that Abraham Barkhordar, a student at Harvard Law School, filed a lawsuit against the university for keeping tuition prices and fees remained steady even after classes moving to online. The university claims that moving the courses online is for safety of the student due to threat of coronavirus.

“I decided to sue Harvard because while they did make some effort … the first semester we were online to mitigate things, they just have not lowered tuition,” Abraham Barkhordar, 23, told ABC News in an exclusive interview.

“They’ve actually suggested that to mitigate the difficulties of online learning that we rent office space as students,” said Barkhordar. “I just felt overall disrespected and unheard by the administration. And I think, as I’ve learned this year, the way to get justice in America is through the legal system.”

This got me thinking, should all traditional schools give their students a discount on online tuition?

Our kids go to Catholic school, it is something we stretch our budget for, but we work hard so that our kids get a religious-based education.

During the coronavirus lockdown, every kid in America went to distance education, and that included private schools. Our tuition remained the same even though the education we received was not up to the standard we are accustomed too. I rationalized this by saying that this was brought on at the last minute for everyone, and the school deserves just as much grace as I do.

Because we are also part of the parish connected to our kids’ school, we felt it was out of obligation that we pay our full tuition. We told ourselves it was for the betterment of our children’s education that we pay the money to ensure they still have a school to go to in the fall.

As fall quickly approaches, we see that schools are making adjustments to prepare for potential coronavirus outbreaks in schools. A lot of elementary schools, both public and private, have decided to offer online education for those with weak immune systems and those scared to come to school, BUT at the same rate as the in-person education.

Online education can work for some families and be a complete disaster for others. Students do not get instant feedback or correcting like they do in a traditional classroom. Students don’t get the interaction with other students and thus cannot learn how to be part of their peer group.

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If I was paying $65,000+ a year for an education that was promised as being the top education money can buy, and I am only receiving 1/4 of what was promised, I would want a discount too.

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