Even Ulysses S. Grant Isn’t Safe From The Statue Topplers

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Leftists these days are all about erasing history they see as problematic – defining “problematic” as “not woke by today’s standards, even if you lived decades or even centuries ago.”

Did you make a gay slur in 1971?  Sorry, you’re canceled.

Did you draft the Declaration of Independence, a document that espouses the natural rights of all mankind, but also owned slaves?  You must be erased.

Did you lead the Union army to victory against the slave-holding Confederacy?  Not good enough.

To these radicals, it doesn’t matter how much good you might have done.  If you’ve ever done something bad, you’re not worth remembering.

Take Ulysses S. Grant.  As you might remember from history class, Grant was the commander of the Union army during the Civil War and went on to become President of the United States.  He’s considered a great military strategist.  He was also a huge proponent of civil rights for freed black slaves.  He fought hard to bring unity and equality to all Americans, regardless of color.

Grant grew up in an anti-slavery family.  According to Wikipedia, his own parents refused to attend his wedding because his wife came from a family of slaveholders.  Before the Civil War, he was gifted a slave by his father-in-law.  Grant freed the man within a year; he couldn’t bring himself to force the slave to work.

By all accounts, Grant’s record on race is pretty clean, especially by the standards of his day.

That hasn’t protected him from the wokescolds, however.  In their frenzy to remove any spot of perceived darkness from our nation’s history, they toppled a statue of Grant in San Francisco because he once owned a slave.

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Reminder: Grant was gifted one (1) slave and freed him a year later.  He then won the Civil War for the North and went on to play a large, positive role in Reconstruction as President.

This is the historical equivalent of cancelling someone for a single bad tweet they wrote ten years ago.

Grant is an American hero whose actions helped end slavery in this country and begin the march for equal rights.  The fact that there are people who would overlook his momentous achievements in favor of advancing their anti-American narrative is sickening.