Candace Owens Puts Haters In A Frenzy Once Again, Refuses To Back Down After Backlash Over George Floyd Comments

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Candace Owens puts her haters in a state of frenzy every time she tweets or sends out a video.

This video titled “Confession: #GeorgeFloyd is neither a martyr or a hero. But I hope his family gets justice” caused such controversy that liberals decided to come after her.

In the video, Candace says that what happened to George Floyd was wrong, and his family deserves to see justice for his death. She also explains her frustration over George Floyd being turned into a martyr for the BLM cause.

She says that George Floyd was a serial criminal that abused drugs and robbed people, including a pregnant woman, to support his lifestyle.

Even after all the bad things that George Floyd did in his life, she (and every other sane person) recognizes that his death over a $20 check is despicable and shouldn’t happen.

Candance Owens will not tolerate liberals trying to ignore her voice and how she feels like her community is being represented.

Candace Owens is changing lives with her #Blexit movement. She creates movements and doesn’t blindly follow the leader.

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Candace Owens:

“I’m always confused by people who say things like, ‘Don’t you see yourself in George Floyd’ [sic] No. Why? Do all White people see themselves in Ted Bundy? Do all Chinese people see themselves in Mao Zedong? If you expect me to relate to people based on skin tone, you’re an idiot…”


When liberals see this tweet, this is what they say:

Skin color is not a prerequisite for being my brother or sister. It is that simple and that powerful.

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