‘Racial Gaslighting’ Is The Left’s New Way Of Shutting Down Conversation.

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Ashley Judd, who you know I loathe with the fury of a billion suns, shared this ridiculous list of bullet points on her IG story, and it is such a gigantic pile of bullsh*t that I have to mock it.

First, you should know where it originated.  Here’s the original post:


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racial gaslighting 101 〰️ Gaslighting is when someone manipulates information to make a victim question their own experience, memory or reality. Folks who gaslight often do this to avoid having to take accountability or avoid having to feel guilty for the fact that they benefit from something that harms you. When it comes to understanding, navigating and surviving racism, we’ve had to deal with this our entire lives. We know it when we see it. Folks who have never experienced racism and do not care to unlearn their toxic conditioning will attempt to exhaust you. Exhaust you so you silence yourself. Exhaust you so you doubt yourself. Exhaust you so you normalize the treatment. Stay the course. Trust yourself. People don’t get to try to make rebuttals to your lived experience with abuse. This ain’t debate club. #racialgaslighting

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If for some reason you can’t see the list, here’s a screenshot:

So the original poster of that ridiculous list, if I’m understanding correctly, is suggesting that if anyone is critical of the current BLM protests in the above listed ways, they are engaging in manipulative behavior in order to avoid feeling guilty or accountable.  What’s amazing to me is that this LIST is ACTUAL gaslighting, and the author of it clearly doesn’t even see that.

Because let’s imagine how this might play out.  Imagine, for example, that you were accused of doing or saying something racist, even though what you did or said clearly wasn’t racist.  If you are no longer allowed to defend your words or actions with the phrase, “What I did/said was not racist” then you are effectively being silenced and not being allowed a chance to respond to untruthful accusations.

Imagine, for example, that the WaPo’s own statistics and data about the number of unarmed black men killed by police last year clearly demonstrated that the police are NOT engaging in any sort of systematic genocide against black people (by the way, you don’t have to imagine that because it’s true).  When faced with someone who is screaming that black people are being systematically slaughtered by police, OF COURSE you should be able to say, “Are you sure that’s what happened?” or “Just to play devil’s advocate here…” or something similar, without being accused of gaslighting.

This is what the Left is famous for – convincing people that certain words and phrases mean things that they don’t actually mean, so that they can silence those with whom they disagree.  It’s textbook at this point.  And bleeding hearted sheep like Ashley Judd buy into it hook, line, and sinker.  Another example?  When she insisted that sexual perpetrators always engage in DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim Order), meaning that they deny the attack happened, attack the victim, and in the process BECOME the victim, as a way of shifting the blame and shame.  But the obvious question is, what does someone who is falsely accused DO, if not those exact things?

Criticism, defending one’s opinions and simply having counter opinions DO NOT EQUATE to gaslighting.  At this point, the Left wants you to believe that simple disagreement means you’re a racist gaslighter.  That’s nonsense.

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Don’t let the Left gaslight you by insisting that you’re gaslighting.