Opinion: Wisconsin City Accused Of Refusing to Arrest Rioters, But Threatens To Fines Churches With More Than 50 Worshippers

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Madison, Wisconsin is a cesspool of liberalism.

Every time I see this city in the news, it’s wacky news. Recall just these two pieces from COTR highlighting the lunacy in Madison. One involves a transgender woman demanding to use the little girls restroom. Another involves the University of Wisconsin-Madison stocking the men’s bathroom with tampons.

They are very confused in Madison.

Well, now, The Blaze is reporting that the city is cracking down on churchgoers more strictly than rioters.

There have been violent riots in Wisconsin’s capital of Madison, where a group of about 150 demonstrators threw rocks at police officers on Saturday night, according to WITI-TV. At least 75 stores were damaged or looted overnight. Despite the bedlam and property damage, the Madison Police Department only made three arrests.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel politics and statehouse reporter Patrick Marley tweeted, “Police chief says they aren’t arresting people tonight.” Interim Madison Police Chief Vic Wahl said his officers stood back during the protests.

While Madison didn’t do much to prevent the barrage of looting in the city, officials want citizens to know that church services of more than 50 people will absolutely not be tolerated.


According to the city of Madison’s websiteMass Gathering inside a commercial facility is permitted with fifty (50) individuals or less. Individuals must maintain physical distancing.”

Wisconsin priests were reportedly warned by health officials from Madison and Dane counties that if they opened their churches and had crowds of more than 50 people at their religious services, they face a fine of $1,000. The letter sent out to religious leaders allegedly threatened that there could be “government watchers” present at church services.

This is simply unconscionable.

There is no constitutional right to riot, vandalize, and loot. There is a right to free exercise of religion. We are in the Seinfeld episode The Bizarro Jerry in Bizarro World. Criminals are being set free and allowed to run wild while law-abiding citizens are being arrested and fined.

I’ll be honest, although I strongly support the Second Amendment, I have never personally wanted to own a gun. After seeing how out of control things have become in this country and how police have failed to enforce laws and protect property, I am re-thinking my feelings on the matter.

Law enforcement is abandoning police stations and police, like in Raleigh, are giving up on protecting property.

The only person who will always look out for you…is you (and hopefully your family). Without weapons, we truly are left powerless to protect ourselves, our families, and our property. That is more evident now more than ever, in my lifetime anyway.

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