Candace Owens Lights Up Antifa Like Never Before: ‘ANTIFA Thugs Are Behind Most Of The Destruction And Are Using Black People’ [Opinion]

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Candace Owens has called out ANTIFA and the bad image they are placing upon peaceful black protesters. She retweeted a video of an African American woman confronting a young white woman spraying BLM (Black Lives Matter) onto a building.

This is not a black woman who’s putting Black Lives Matter. Y’all doing that for us and we didn’t ask you to do that. Listen, don’t spray stuff on here when they gonna blame black people for this and black people didn’t do it. If we wanted to do it, we would’ve asked. They not gonna show y’all faces when they see that on the building. They gonna blame that on us. Y’all are part of the problem. News come on, they gonna say we did that. We didn’t do that.

The guilty white liberals sat there and argued with this woman and said a black person asked them to spraypaint the message. Outrageous!

Stuff like this ain’t right. We out here standing together peacefully protesting without any problems.

She’s absolutely right and I cannot imagine how watching these white girls do this makes her feel.

This is seriously pathetic. You have some do-gooder white liberals thinking they are helping black people by vandalizing a Starbucks. Do they care that actual black people oppose them? Nope. They have their white guilt and are virtue signaling… to other white liberals. They are using black people in order to advance their far left-wing agenda.

The woman went on to say, “Y’all let the media fool you.”

Now that is TRUTH. We all know the media are dishonest to the core. We know they want to cause division. They want the drama and they want the chaos. We must work really hard to seek out a variety of news sources in order to discover the truth. Our default reaction at this point to anything reported on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, or NBC should be extreme skepticism.

The woman finished with a warning, saying when you see vandalism, know it isn’t them. She recognizes that vandalism does not advance the cause. “We don’t need nobody to do nothing for us. That’s why we out here doing it ourselves.”

Now I am sure there are vandals and looters of all races. But we know, according to US Attorney General Bill Barr, that ANTIFA is playing a large role in these actions across the country.

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Let’s not allow ANTIFA to divide us. We are united against police brutality. We are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.