Hollywood Leftist Chrissy Teigen Says ‘I Am Committed,’ Promises $200,000 to Bail Out Protesters Arrested During Violent Riots

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Our country is under siege. Domestic terrorists (yes, these rioters are domestic terrorists) are destroying our cities.

Business owners who were already struggling due to the coronavirus are now seeing their businesses looted and vandalized. Law-abiding citizens no longer know where they’ll shop.  Target is temporarily closing 170 stores nationwide.

Where I live, shots have been fired into the Capitol building (nearly hitting a gay, female, African-American state lawmaker) and we’re under an 8:00 pm curfew.

I’ve seen so many pictures and videos in the last few days that look like they came from war-torn, third-world countries but are actually right here in the United States of America.  It makes me sick.

Don’t worry, though: Our intrepid celebrities are here to help.

Not to help the people whose lives and livelihood are being torn apart by the riots, mind you. Oh, no. Celebrities are donating money to bail the “protesters” out of jail.

Chrissy Teigen alone has committed a couple hundred thousand dollars to the protesters, according to Fox News.

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Other celebs including Seth Rogen, Steve Carrell, Ben Schwartz, Janelle Monae, Don Cheadle, and Justin Timberlake (among many others) who have donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

This is sick. The people being arrested are not peaceful protesters righteously outraged at police brutality and legally exercising their First Amendment rights. The people being arrested are violent looters, rioters, and thugs. I’m sorry, but if you are out in the streets vandalizing businesses, looting stores, and burning cop cars, you deserve to be arrested and spend some time in jail.

I assume these celebrities think they’re helping but, in reality, all they are doing is contributing to the further breakdown of society by condoning unlawful behavior.

When will the madness end?