In A Stunningly Brave Demonstration Of Support For George Floyd’s Grieving Family, Protesters Basically Trashed Their Own Community.

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Hopefully that headline captured the amount of rage and disdain and just absolute disgust I have for the complete psychopaths who worked on destroying Minneapolis last night.

Oh and by the way, you know who was busy rallying the troops and getting supplies together for these “protesters?”  Ilhan Omar’s daughter:

Why would peaceful protesters need plywood and sticks and rackets?  BECAUSE THEY AREN’T ACTUALLY PEACEFUL.

Here’s a small list of the mayhem these terrorists caused:

  1.  Looters completely tore apart a Wendy’s, a Walmart, a Target, and an Autozone.  Some stores were set on fire.
  2.  Looters attempted to bust open an ATM.
  3.  An apartment building was set on fire.
  4.  One man was shot dead outside a pawnshop.

Check out some of the footage:

Yeah.  Super peaceful.  Really respectful of George Floyd and his family. An enormous leap forward in race relations.  This will DEFINITELY make cops better.

The man shot dead is also a suspected looter, and one theory floating around is that the owner of the pawn shop shot him.  Given the abject blatant disregard for others’ lives and property that these maniacal looters have, frankly that outcome was to be expected. People have a right to protect themselves and their property from people who clearly wish them harm.

But hey – at least a bunch of the terrorists were wearing masks, right?  THEY ARE SO CONCERNED ABOUT OUR HEALTH.