Taylor Swift Fans ‘Cancel’ Burger King After Chain Makes Sarcastic Joke About Singer

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Yes, you read that right. Multiple reports show that Taylor Swifts fans, also known as Swifties, have decided to cancel Burger King over a tweet jokingly suggesting that all of Taylor Swift’s songs are about her exes.

To be fair to Taylor Swift, not ALL of her songs are about her exes at least three songs are about platonic relationships with people that “did her wrong.” She also has a couple of songs directed toward the section of her fans the enjoy paying to watch her virtue signal in front of them.

With the murder of George Floyd yesterday and the cancel of the NASA/Space X launch, it seems like we live in bizarro land when Swifties are throwing a cancelation party for a corporation making a joke on Twitter.

I am not the only one shaking my head at this; Twitter always has the best reactions.

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Even McDonald’s got in on the action in a lighthearted way, saying that they would never do this to Taylor Swift.

Burger King’s first response was all in good fun. This fleeting hashtag will not affect Burger King’s bottom line; in fact, this will probably increase their sales.

Taylor Swift has yet to respond.


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