Opinion: Watch As New Yorkers Are Asked If They “Believe All Women” — The Answer Depends On The Accused

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I have written about Tara Reade and her account of the alleged assault.

Follow this link if you need a refresher on Tara’s account here.

Follow these links for updates on liberal’s reactions to her account. Here. Here. Here.

Tara Reade is a lifelong Democrat that still supports the Democratic Party. She is not and never has been a Republican. In theory, we should not help her because her views politically do not align with ours. In reality, we are the party of liberty and freedom, and we support all CREDIBLE claims of sexual assault.

Tara Reade has had several friends, family, and coworkers come out in her defense. They defend her account by claiming that she told them about the alleged assault at the time it happened. Kavanaugh’s accuser couldn’t corroborate a single instance of that night, much less have multiple people come out for her.

While out in New York documentary Film Maker Ami Horowitz sets out to ask New Yorkers a simple question: “How important is it to “Believe All Women?”

All of the New Yorkers in the video had the same answer- yes, they believe all women except Tara Reade.

It is an inconvenient truth when talking about the liberal bias that exists in America, that they just don’t care about the people accused of wrongdoing if they are liberal. Their hatred for Trump will allow them to overlook Biden’s mental decline, his illegal practices while in office (both Congress and VP), the inappropriate public touching, and the sexual assault allegations to vote Trump out of office.

We have to keep talking about Tara Reade and come to her defense. Biden called her “nothing” while he assaulted her, and we need to show her that her story matters, that she is not “nothing.”

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Trump has shown us how to fight, and now it is our turn to fight for justice.

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