David Harris Jr. Just BROKE MY HEART.

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By now, you’ve probably heard about George Lloyd’s death at the hands of police and you’ve likely seen the viral video showing the events that transpired.

It’s horrific in every way.  I know we should wait until an investigation is complete, but you guys – it’s essentially impossible for me to see this as anything but unnecessary, pointless violence against an already subdued man.  Is it an act of racism?  I don’t know.  Obviously that will be the narrative that the mainstream media will repeat ad nauseum.  Regardless, the behavior by these cops is unspeakably awful and utterly inexcusable.

David Harris Jr., who I follow on various social media platforms (and I recommend you do too!), saw the video today, and his reaction to it was just absolutely heartbreaking.


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I felt EVERY LAST WORD of his pain, y’all. I felt his sadness, and his helplessness, and his rage, and his exhaustion. This video just broke my heart into a million pieces.

It’s frustrating to no end that a few lousy cops put such a cloud over the entire police force which is by and large made up of truly awesome people. It’s like the way I feel about the FBI. It sucks that Comey and Strzok and Page were such detestable people because they DON’T represent most FBI agents.

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Unfortunately, that’s true in every industry and in every job category. My sweet poor son who is being held hostage in the hospital right now has had truly amazing nurses, and also godawful ones.

All we can hope is that justice in this case is served, and served swiftly. George Floyd’s death was unnecessary, inordinately cruel, and the people responsible must be held accountable.