This Level Of Mask-Shaming Is BEYOND INSANE.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Mr. Green sent this video and I am in a total fury about it.

The person who posted that on Twitter found it on Reddit, and had this follow up comment:

I’d like to answer that.  The answer is ABSOLUTELY F*CKING NOT and the idiots who berated that mask-less woman are literally the worst of humanity.

The first few replies to that question pretty much showed how divided this issue has made all of us:

Whoever that MB cat is needs to be throatpunched.  The other two commenters were full of reason and logic and common sense.  I took a peek at MB’s profile, and he retweets hashtags like “maskitorcasket” so yeah.  He’s a moron.

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I should mention, by the way, that the viral videos which show people fighting with STORE OWNERS about wearing masks, and who act like complete dicks about it, don’t have my support or sympathy.  Like this dude:

It is absolutely Costco’s right (or any other private business, for that matter) to have a policy which requires masks, and I suspect that if someone who wasn’t wearing a mask due to a medical condition was stopped by that employee, and explained why they couldn’t wear one, they would have been allowed to shop.  But that guy?  The one who was being a total dillhole and talking about being in a free country?  He’s just being a dillhole.  There’s no reason for it.

I don’t like masks and I will not wear one outdoors.  But in a store with a mask policy?  Yup – I’ll play nice.  Kinda like if it’s store policy that I wear shoes, I’ll wear shoes.

But like one of the commenters above said, those rabid shoppers yelling at the maskless woman to “GET OUT!” were not store employees.  They were fellow shoppers, and it’s NONE OF THEIR F*CKING BUSINESS why that woman wasn’t wearing one.  If they don’t like it, they can stay 6 feet away from her. But this kind of behavior is totally psychotic and mob-like.

And so is this:

“BIOTERRORISTS,” you guys.  What in the holy hell?

People have lost their damn minds.