Ann Coulter Completely Loses It On President Trump: ‘You Blithering Idiot… Complete Moron… Most Disloyal Human’

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Ann Coulter is absolutely going off on President Trump this Sunday morning. She is on a rampage against Trump.

What triggered her rampage?  Well, it was Trump endorsing Tommy Tuberville rather than Jeff Sessions in the Alabama Senate race.

And Ann Coulter WENT OFF.  I think it’s safe to say, she no longer feels, In Trump We Trust, as her past book title suggested.

She called President Trump:

  • blithering idiot
  • most disloyal human
  • lout
  • retard
  • complete moron

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It is a stunning 180 degree turn. Ann Coulter was a very early supporter of then candidate Trump. Remember this moment on Bill Maher?

Honestly, I think all these tweets are just a cry for attention from Coulter. She’s simply not as relevant in conservative media as she once was.

She’s been really ticked off about the lack of a wall for a long time. That is her single issue.

Trump cannot single-handedly build the wall himself without support from Congress.

Furthermore, her attack on him for lack of compassion during COVID is unfair. She despised our last “compassionate” Republican president, George W. Bush. President Trump may not be the most compassionate and empathetic man in this crisis. However, that was never thought to be a strong suit of his, nor why anyone in America voted for him. We voted for him because he was a straight shooting, non-politician, businessman who was going to be (and has been) a man of action.

That has not changed.