Opinion: Epstein’s Longtime ‘Partner’ Ghislaine Maxwell Catches a Major Break in Civil Suit

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Since Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in prison, his longtime partner and madam Ghislaine Maxwell has emerged as the next best focus of retribution on behalf of all the girls that were trafficked and raped under the pair’s direction and guidance.

Unfortunately, justice has been postponed yet again.

Magistrate Judge Debra Freeman agreed to Maxwell’s attorneys’ request to delay questioning of their client in a civil suit alleging that Maxwell committed sexual battery against Annie Farmer when she was 16.

Maxwell, who has been accused in several lawsuits of facilitating or participating in Epstein’s abuse of girls and young women, sought the delay because of an ongoing federal criminal investigation into Epstein’s alleged co-conspirators and because a victims’ compensation fund proposed by Epstein’s estate is said to be nearing final approval.

“I’m permitting her not to respond to [written questions] and not to have her deposition,” Magistrate Judge Debra Freeman said in her ruling from the bench. “Not forever, but at least long enough to let us know whether the claims process is likely to go forward.”

Essentially, Freeman agreed that Maxwell shouldn’t have to face her crimes for God knows how long, robbing her and Epstein’s victims of the justice they deserve (a move I’m now branding “pulling a Clinton”).

An attorney for Farmer argued against the delay, noting the uncertainty surrounding the potential length of the criminal investigation.

“We have no indication of any time frame with respect to … how long that investigation could go on,” said Sigrid McCawley, the attorney for Farmer and four other victims suing Epstein’s estate. “And to not be able to get discovery and ask Miss Maxwell questions … that puts us in handcuffs with respect to being able to establish our claims.”

I understand that courts have their procedures, and I don’t pretend to know any more about them than can be gleaned from copious rewatches of My Cousin Vinny, but isn’t deposing the accused kind of a major part of these sorts of things? And how long is Ms. Farmer expected to wait? When asked about it, Freeman “said she had ‘no desire to have this drag out’ and asked to be updated in mid-June on the status of the investigation and the victims’ claims program.”

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I call foul. This is bonkers and a miscarriage of justice.

Maxwell apparently believes that between Epstein’s money and the dirt she claims to have on powerful people, she can go back to her prior lifestyle in due time. And the way these things keep going, I can’t say she’s being unrealistic.

How much longer are we willing to let these people get away with this?