America’s First Black Billionaire Eviscerates Biden: ‘Arrogant and Out-Of-Touch Attitude Of A Paternalistic White Candidate’

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Bad news for Democrats of America: They lost the black vote.

Every four years, the Democratic candidate for president pretends they don’t take black votes for granted (and get really, REALLY weird about it) even though they patently take all the black votes for granted. And as literally everyone in the world now knows, Joe Biden blew it.

In case you somehow missed it:

In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Biden, unprompted, informed the audience that “you ain’t black” if you have a hard time choosing between him and Trump, and the world cringed forever.

Lots of people have lots to say about it and, as you can probably imagine, very little of it is good.

Some of it is expected– believe it or not, black Republicans didn’t really appreciate the crustiest of white men passing judgment on their racial status, like Michigan Senate-hopeful John James:

“Vice President Biden, With all due respect, your latest comments are both pathetic and hurtful,” the video starts, with James going on to say, “Challenging me and millions of other people out there on their blackness– descendants of slaves– from you, is some seriously condescending, out of touch bullcrap. You’re embarrassing yourself, Mr. Vice President. Should you even be running for president in the Democratic party that says they’re for black people?”

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OUCH. I hope Biden’s got a burn kit– or several, because James is not the only one with something to say about it.

People from every position under the sun chimed in to unilaterally condemn Biden’s language. Rapper P. Diddy retweeted the video with a poignant hashtag, which he reiterated in a second tweet.

BET founder (and America’s first black billionaire) Robert Johnson said,

“Vice President Biden’s statement today represents the arrogant and out-of-touch attitude of a paternalistic white candidate who has the audacity to tell Black people, the descendants of slaves, that they are not Black unless they vote for him. This proves unequivocally that the Democratic nominee believes that Black people owe him their vote without question; even though we as Black people know it is exactly the opposite. He should spend the rest of his campaign apologizing to every Black person he meets.”

Even the NAACP had words for the presumptive nominee when he falsely claimed that they endorsed him in the past.

“Yesterday, former Vice President Joe Biden made a comment about the NAACP’s endorsement,” Derrick Johnson, president and CEO of the NAACP,  said in a statement. “We want to clarify that the NAACP is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse candidates for political office at any level.”

The votes are in, and the consensus is that Biden seriously stepped in it. I won’t be surprised if this is the final nail in his coffin– or rather, 18,000 nails, because WHAT THE F*CK WAS HE THINKING?!

Ah, well. Don’t feel too bad for ol’ Joe. He’s still got at least one black vote to count on– Jemele Hill, of “Trump is a white supremacist” fame, agrees with his comments.

Looks like she might win the vice-presidential nomination by default.