Katie Hill Says She “Cried For A Few Days” After Republican Mike Garcia Won Her Old Seat

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Katie Hill used to hold the seat that Mike Garcia just won in the special election. This seat was a massive flip for Republicans in California. The last time this seat was held by a Republican was 22 years ago.

Katie Hill was forced to resign after leaked photos show that she had an affair with a younger female staffer. This affair goes against the house rules about relationships with staffers, and she was being investigated by the House Ethics Committee. She broke the rules, and there is photographic proof. Therefore, she had to resign.

Now she wants everyone to feel sorry for her.

Look, guys, she cried. She is so sorry for getting naked and having sex with her staff. She is sad to have had to step away from government life because she is a garbage human being. So. Very. Sorry.

In her Twitter statement, she says that it really hurt to have her “old seat flipped back” and that she is “ready to work” to get it back in November.

For all the “Katie Hills” of the world that think these seats are “yours”, they are not. They belong to the people in your district. You get elected to fight for what they need, and not to get naked and photograph your horny sex sessions with underlings. What is it with politicians and weird sex fetishes?

The people of Twitter reacting to her tweet just made my whole life:

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Katie Hill resigned because she did something illegal and wants all of us to feel sorry for her. We don’t, and the voters proved that in the special election. Do yourself and the people of California a favor and stay away from public office.

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