WATCH: Joe Biden Tells Black Voters ‘You Ain’t Black’ If You Back Trump Over Me

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The journey to the White House is a long and treacherous one. People lie in wait for you to mess up or to dig up dirt on you. Joe Biden makes it too easy for his critics.

In another attempt for Joe Biden to reach the black voters, his team booked him on the popular hip hop and entertainment show, The Breakfast Club.

One of the hosts of the show tells Biden that he needs to come into the office when he can make it to New York, to which Biden responds by saying, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Don’t believe me that a politician said that? Watch for yourself:

For a split second, I thought I was going to be the only one mad about this. Then Black Twitter came to the rescue with the best responses.

The first one comes from Antoine Tucker. From his Twitter bio: “Former Gangster turned believer in God. Running for Congress in NY14 to defeat @AOC ’s globalist agenda.”

You need to follow him on Twitter and Instagram, @montaga. He has a great take on Trump and liberal policies concerning Black Americans. Fair warning for the Karens out there who will complain, there is cussing in a lot of his videos. I tend to appreciate a person who is smart with a bad mouth because I too cuss like a sailor when I am hot! He wants to defeat AOC which should be reason enough to support him.

Antoine Tucker says, “Joe Biden is f*****g stone-cold racist, period. He’ll tell you that crime bill helped Black folks; it didn’t.”

In his passionate reaction to the Joe Biden interview, he continues to say, “The Democrats don’t care about Black people. They continue to put up these f*****g devils that destroy our communities, make promises every four years and do absolutely f*****g nothing at all, period. That’s the truth.”

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The crime bill Tucker is referring to is, of course, the Clinton crime bill of the nineties, the one championed by Joe Biden’s Democrat Party. I have spoken before about my thoughts on this crime bill. It has incarcerated Black men at a disproportional rate than any other race.

These men faced limited options and were penalized by years of legislative and institutional racism.

Don’t forget that our government was responsible for bringing these drugs into America. They created the problem. Instead of holding the people really responsible for the rampant drug use and the subsequent crime wave, they arrested and incarcerated poor Americans just trying to survive in an economy that wasn’t built for every American.

Blacks make up the majority of those incarcerated by this bill.

From the ACLU:

“The official 1996 Democratic Party platform, which was meant to provide a vision for the Democratic Party nationwide, relied heavily on the 1994 law to display their tough on crime credentials. An entire section in the platform is dedicated to ‘tough punishment,’ taking pride in the fact that the Democratic Party passed tougher sentencing laws and provided more federal funding for prisons in the states.

“The platform encouraged states to pass truth-in-sentencing laws, bragged about instituting the death penalty for nearly 60 more crimes, and even encouraged the prosecution of young people as adults. This platform remained largely in place until 12 years later, when in 2008, the tone and substance began to change under new leadership in the party. Coincidentally, incarceration rates peaked in 2008.”

President Trump is the first President to work hard to right the wrongs committed by the 1994 crime bill. In his statement at the 2019 Prison Reform Summit and First Step Act celebration he had this to say: “This landmark legislation will give countless current and former prisoners a second chance at life and a new opportunity to contribute to their communities, their states, and their nations.”

Don’t come for me in the comments about my views on this bill. I have heard your arguments before, and we don’t agree.

Antoine Tucker was not the only Black American to see fault in Joe Biden’s statement.

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