BREAKING: Trump Declares Places Of Worship Essential Businesses

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In a press conference today, President Trump made a massive step in respecting and restoring our religious freedoms. He said, “I am identifying houses of worship as essential places that provide essential services.”

Trump was very clear; he wants to see all the churches open immediately in a safe manner. He wants us to have the freedom to worship.

Trump noted that most governors have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential businesses, and it’s time churches have that same status.

We have been through a spiritual drought during the lockdown. We have had enough, and I, for one, am thankful for Trump’s strong support of our religious freedoms.

I’ll be very interested in seeing how the governors handle this strong statement from President Trump. Places of worship have been shut down for almost the entire time our country has been on lockdown, and faith leaders from all walks of life have denounced the infringement on our rights.

Democrat Governors have been among those responsible for the strictest lockdown measures for places of worship. Voters won’t take their suppression for long.

Recently in New Jersey, Charles Clark Jr. announced that they would open their doors at Solid Rock Baptist Church despite the lockdown orders given by New Jesery Governor Phil Murphy, according to Analyzing America.

“We’re not breaking the law by going to church,” Clark Jr. said. “The people telling us we can’t go to church are breaking the Constitution of the United States. It’s illegal…It’s just ridiculous in this country.”

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His son, Charles Clark III, added, “The liquor store has been open the entire time. The grocery store has been open. Walmart is open, the pet store is open, the bicycle repair shop is open, and all are considered essential, but the church has been closed,” Clark III said at the press conference. “And the church has been considered non-essential. We strongly disagree with that.”

“Governor Murphy’s executive order does not control the rights of the church,” he said, “We understand the executive order has the power that it does for the time period necessary but it doesn’t trump the power of the Constitution and it cannot go on indefinitely.”

The pastor said they will take all health and safety precautions beyond what businesses are already doing, like taking temperature checks, enforcing social distancing, and deep cleaning.

Andy Reese, pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Clementon, already reopened last Sunday.

“We’re prepared to stand for what is right, for what is true, and we’re prepared to face whatever consequences these are,” Reese said. “If necessary, go to court.”

Murphy has been clear thay until there is a vaccine or treatment, mass gatherings including places of worship will remain restricted.

“I ain’t afraid to go to jail. I don’t want to go to jail, but I ain’t backing down, our church ain’t backing down, and there’s churches all over this country that aren’t backing down,” Clark Jr. said.

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