Unhinged MSNBC Host Mika Brzezinski Wants Trump Banned On Twitter Because He Brought Up A ‘Cold Case’ Involving Her Husband

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Mika has reached out to Twitter CEO and Founder Jack Dorsey in hopes of getting Trump’s Twitter account suspended.

All because Trump has once again brought up a cold case that happened 19 years ago involving Mika’s husband and co-host Joe Scarborough.

I, for one, see nothing wrong with this tweet. If Joe has nothing to hide, then simply ignore it or say that you addressed this issue before, and there would be no further statement.

Instead, Mika went on Twitter and demanded to speak to the manager. She is so mad that Trump brings to up her husband’s past (reminder that liberals do this on a daily basis with Melania’s modeling photos) that she wants Trump off Twitter.

SHE IS LITERALLY ASKING FOR CENSORSHIP! Let that sink in, a journalist is asking an American company to censor an American because what he is saying is making her mad.

Look how many times she tweets about Trump.

Tweet number 1:

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Tweet Number 2:

Tweet Number 3:

Tweet Number 4:

At this point, I thought maybe she was having a mental breakdown, and then she tweeted this:

She officially got to the manager and put her platinum bob to work. The only thing that would set the stage better is if she had a large brown streak at her roots. Something that says “My hair color is completely artificial.”


Someone needs to put this crazy lady in her place.

Let me tell you why Twitter cannot remove Trump from their platform: Trump has people FLOCKING to their site. Trump’s tweets are the reason a large number of conservatives started using the social media company in the first place. If Trump left and went to a different site, and never used Twitter again, I think Twitter would fade away.

Mika is finding that Twitter cares about profits above anything else. They can’t afford to kick Trump off, and they know it. Even if they disabled his personal account, Trump could tweet from any of the multiple state accounts.

The best part of watching her complete meltdown is laughing at the reactions to her twitter rant. Please enjoy!

There are so many more, and these aren’t even the best ones, but these are the ones suitable for all eyes! ha ha ha

Only time will tell if Mika “Karen” will be able to take Trump off Twitter, but I don’t see where Trump has violated any Twitter rules. The platform has separate rules for conservatives, so she definitely has a chance, just not a good one.

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