Fauci Panties, Planned Parenthood NEEDS TO GIVE THE MONEY BACK, Susan Rice Lies, And More Hump Day Haps!

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

It’s a busy news day, y’all….SO MUCH TO TELL YOU.  Someone actually made Fauci panties, but what’s more horrifying is that there are people who are BUYING and WEARING THEM.  Also, Planned Parenthood – you know, that baby-murdering organization that already takes HALF A BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR FROM TAXPAYERS?  Yeah, they pretended that they were a “small business” and conned taxpayers out of 80 Million MORE dollars in that small business coronavirus relief loan.  Remember that a few weeks back?

Mmmm hmm.  Now the government (or US, because that money is OURS) wants the money back.  The amount of rage I have over this cannot be overstated.  These people are despicable.

Also, Susan Rice lies – I know you’re shocked and I hope you were sitting down – Pier One is going completely out of business (let’s all take a moment), and more Wednesday news!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Hump Daaaaay!