Fauci Panties And Masks You Can Eat In? NOPE. NOPE NOPE NOPE.

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Imma have to say nope to these things.

Apparently, a company called Canava is making a line of panties with the names of Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, and Anthony Fauci on them.  The sourcelink describes those men as “unlikely sex symbols, thanks to their valiant efforts to keep us all from dying painful, lonely deaths in the ICU and, to some degree, our rampant, isolation-induced quarantine hornies.”


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NEWSOM, FAUCI, CUOMO = our version of a dream team and we heard you loud and clear, after the launch of the NYC Limited Edition there was an outcry for MORE MORE MORE. Now there are Newsom & Fauci, limited edition briefs and bikinis. Run to your keyboard; there aren’t very many of these babies to be had. When you buy any of these limited edition products, we will be matching dollar for dollar your purchase with an equal product donation to healthcare workers in NYC (NYC, Cuomo & Fauci) or California (Newsom). We really want them to be able to rest, recharge, and relax as much as possible when they get home. . . . . . . #fauci #cuomo #newsom #sustainablefashion #newyorkstrong #healthcareheroes #anthonyfauci #gavinnewsom #fauciforpresident #faucigang #cuomobrothers #cuomosexual #cuomoforpresident #andrewcuomo #sustainable #sustainabledesign #anthonyfauci

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Canava, according to the source, “prides itself on being a carbon-neutral, woman-owned, sustainable operation” and these are limited edition panties, so if you’re the kind of lunatic who would actually buy them, you’re gonna wanna act fast.

Also, Imma have to say nope to this godawful idea.

What is even happening to our world right now?  How are people dumb enough to think a mask that you can unzip to eat is of ANY VALUE WHATSOEVER?

I can’t.