Pelosi Fat Shames Trump, Trump’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine, Seacrest Denies Stroke, And WE GOT MORE PRESENTS OMG!

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Pelosi is on the fat-shaming train today, y’all.  Which is weird, because I thought she was one of those PRAYERFUL liberals who were against body-shaming of all kinds.


That’s right – she called Trump “morbidly obese” and pretended to act concerned about his hydroxychloroquine use, as if she’s some sort of scientific expert now and feels as though it’s to his detriment to take hydroxy as a preventative indication per his physician.

I love how she’s a scientist, a doctor, and an Actual Caring Human Being now. That’s cute.  Side note – if she gets to pretend to be concerned about Trump’s fatness, can we pretend to be concerned about the obscene amount of tracker-jacker venom in her face?  Because damn.

We also dish about Ryan Seacrest (I know – that’s out of the blue), and we got a ton more gifts from y’all, because you’re completely and totally awesome.

Hope everyone has a splendid Tuesday!