Dem Rep Karen Whitsett Praises Trump AGAIN After Being Censured By Her Democratic Party

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Karen Whitsett is the Democrat Representative from Michigan who had a public battle and recovery from coronavirus earlier this year. Rep. Whitsett, after coming down with the virus, defied her governor’s order by finding a doctor to prescribe her the infamous hydroxychloroquine.

If you remember, Gretchen Whitmere, Governor of Michigan, signed an executive order blocking the ability for doctors to prescribe hydroxychloroquine. The order stopped doctors from prescribing the drug outside of its intended purpose after President Trump touted the drug’s effectiveness in fighting coronavirus.

Rep. Whitsett had to go through two doctors’ offices before she found one willing to prescribe her the drug that she claims saved her life. Rep. Whitsett claims that the drug had a fast effect.

She came out with a statement and made appearances praising President Trump for reminding the American public about this drug. She credited Trump for saving her life.

After her public praise of Trump, the Democrat Party sought retribution against her. The party couldn’t handle anyone giving Trump that amount of public praise, much less crediting him for saving her life. Her punishment for praising Trump came in the form of censure by her party.

Censure involves a public damning and reading of your “crimes.” Her crime, in this case, was listening to the President of the United States.

A weaker representative would have walked home with their tail between their legs, but Whitsett doesn’t seem to be that type of woman. Her motto is always to put the people in her district first.

She went on Turning Point to talk to Charlie Kirk to break her silence and defend her praise of the President.

After praising him so publically, Rep. Whitsett was invited to the White House to meet with Trump and the coronavirus team that included the Vice President. She says Trump was friendly and funny. Trump offered the use of his doctor to Rep. Whitsett. She said he was very knowledgable about the subject, and she appreciated being able to speak to Trump about the people and issues facing Detroit.

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Whitsett said this about Trump: “He is so pleasant and so funny and so kind and so considerate, and he knows the stuff about Lyme disease, and–I mean, he is very knowledgable and that was huge for me.”

As she tells the story about the Democrats’ dirty game of politics against her, she calls for a calming of the sea. Whitsett denounces the use of politics right now, saying it isn’t the time for it. Whitsett says, “If we can put away, you know, a whole NFL season or an NBA season or whatever else we are putting away, I think we can put away the politics.”

Rep. Whitsett is a fresh of breath air in the swamp of Michigan government.

Whitsett said this about what she felt was required of her:

“There are Democratic talking points, and that’s what they want you to stick by. I’m not that type of person. I’m about the people in my community, the people I need to represent, and, most important, the people in the city of Detroit. I’m going to always put people first, period.”

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