BREAKING: President Trump Says He’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc As Preventative Measures; Media Loses Their Minds

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BADABAMBADABOOM! The day that was: May 18, 2020.

It is approximately day 67 of what seems like day 1,843,452 days and counting for America’s COVID-19 quarantine, and the shot was heard around the world.

Monday afternoon, President Trump announced that he, himself, personally, has been taking Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc as a preventative measure against the Coronavirus. And the media’s collective JAWS hit the floor.

Here’s Trump’s announcement. It’s massive!!!

The media says what? You’d think that if Hydroxychloroquine were as dangerous as swallowing fish tank cleaner or eating a pod of laundry detergent, the media would be cheering POTUS on to take more of it. But a Trump card has been played, and the media is in meltdown mode.

And here’s Fox’s “Karen” Cavuto and his “losing his crap” moment – almost as if his script turned into a Direct-to-Consumer big pharma advertisement. Oh, Cavuto, you’re hilarious. Bwahahahaaha!

Why the panic, Cavuto? Are you worried about the President’s health or do you think Americans are so stupid and uneducated that we are waiting for media instruction on what to do with our bodies? Come on!

Most adults understand that they need to check with their doctors and get a prescription before they can take this or any other DTC drug.

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I mean, come on, the last time I tried to buy Nyquil, I had to show proof of ID. Hydroxychloroquine is not over the counter, and it’s not something you can pop like a Gas-X, even though it sounds like you might need a few of those, Neil. (Wink, wink.)

I think things are about to heat up and get very interesting. I’m not sure about you, but I’m with Joel B. Pollak:

Also, interesting:

And how about this!? I could not love this tweet more than I do right now! #MyBodyMyChoice!

Finally, allow me to add this MIC DROP. Hilda, I think it might be time for you to sit this one out:

Stay tuned; this story is sure to be quite fun to follow as it develops.

Meanwhile, have you seen this one yet from last week? Forget about a cure, but put your masks on folks, because the frauds in the media say so!