Vogue Magazine Embarrasses Itself, Obsesses Over Pelosi’s Mask-to-Pantsuit Color Coordinated Look [Opinion]

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Have y’all seen this one yet?

I’m here to talk about how my eyes rolled and stuck to the back of my head over Vogue’s latest brag fest of Nancy Pelosi’s scarves and pantsuits.

In recent years, Vogue’s editors have wasted no opportunity to push farther to the left. I’ve long thought that their editors allowed Teen Vogue to go so far left, aka, falling-off-the-cliff-left, to help indoctrinate and promote a liberal political agenda. Holding this opinion, nothing Vogue has published in their bag of tricks has shocked me. HOWEVER, their move on Pelosi’s fashionable scarves during the Coronapocalypse is batsh*t crazy.

Even Teen Vogue’s disgusting attempt at sexual content for minors wasn’t as much of a stretch to accommodate the left’s agenda as Vogue’s latest adoration of “Stretch” herself.

Queue the editorial opportunity to put Hillary in the spotlight:

One eagle-eyed figure who spotted Pelosi’s sartorial efforts is none other than Hillary Clinton. The former Democratic Presidential nominee took to Instagram to laud Pelosi as not just “Leader of the House majority,” but also that of “mask-to-pantsuit coordination.” (And if there’s one thing Clinton knows, it’s how to style out a pantsuit.) There may be many more important things going on in the world right now, but Pelosi’s matching face masks are a gentle reminder that clothing, and even the simple act of getting dressed, can bring a little joy during these dark times, even for those working hard to solve the current crisis at the highest levels of office.

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I’m sorry, “working hard,” say what? I didn’t realize Pelosi was back in D.C. — I thought she was still home eating her gourmet ice cream. Admittedly, the simple act of Pelosi getting dressed and applying her denture cream must take a lot of her hard-working energy, but when I saw this, I gagged.

This crap-for-content is one of Vogue’s most over the top political pole tricks yet. But it is so relevant for liberal media, you know because showcasing Pelosi’s fashion is tremendously relevant during a pandemic that is taking lives and causing huge unemployment. Can these editors spell tone deaf?

Vogue used to be about fashion, not politics.

I’m old enough to remember the days of “The Devil Wears Prada,” and Vogue was “so Vogue” that many issues were nearly three inches thick. Now, they’ve sadly resorted to pushing political agendas so frequently that their editorial mission has washed out and cheapened to adoring Pelosi’s pantsuits to fill their page count.

If that is not nearing rock bottom, I’m not sure what is. I mean, you can’t go much lower than to latch on to a tactless, classless, botox addicted toddler, like Nancy Pelosi, who is likely abhorred by well over half of Vogue’s audience.

Seriously Vogue, y’all need to reevaluate your standards before you start printing issues thin enough for us deplorables to tear in half just like Pelosi tore up President Trump’s SOTU speech.

If no one in the fashion magazine industry will hold you guys to a higher standard, we will.