OPINION: Will General Michael Flynn Be Exonerated? Here Are the Reasons Why I Think So

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One short week after writing again about General Flynn, and I am back at it and feeling pumped. I can smell justice in the air, can you?

It is clear to most of us that Flynn is an innocent man, and what numerous scums working for the Obama administration did to him should frighten every American, even Democrats. Flynn himself was a lifelong Democrat who was appointed by then-President Obama. In 2012, Barack Obama nominated Flynn to be the 18th director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. General Michael Flynn has an absolutely stellar military record and has spent over 33 years of his life serving America with honor.

Not a soul on planet earth ever questioned Flynn’s record until he became a senior advisor to Trump during his presidential campaign and then served as the National Security Advisor for the Trump administration from January 23 to February 13, 2017. Any reasonable person can quickly assess how they went after Michael Flynn because their target was President Trump.

Let’s revisit October 15, 2019. When most of the world paying attention knew that Russia-Gate was a complete hoax – NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION, COMPLETE AND TOTAL EXONERATION. It was then that I asked, “When Will General Michael Flynn Be Exonerated?” Well, it’s only fitting that on America’s first LAW DAY, MAY 1, 2020, that I should write a second edition of my question. Will General Michael Flynn FINALLY be exonerated?

My bet is YES.

Legal and political analyst for Fox News Channel, Gregg Jarrett, wrote on Thursday:
If there was ever any question about the dishonesty and corruption that poisoned the case against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, newly released documents erase all doubt.
All of the exculpatory evidence of his innocence was suppressed and concealed.
Flynn’s only crime was going to work for President Trump. He became an unwitting pawn in the FBI’s quest to find evidence of a nonexistent “collusion” conspiracy with Russia to steal the 2016 election. It turned out to be the greatest mass delusion in American political history.
More documents are expected to be unsealed in the Flynn matter. But enough is known already that the federal judge presiding over the case should, in the interest of justice, vacate the forced guilty plea. It will then be incumbent on the Department of Justice to dismiss the case entirely.
The DOJ should now consider whether crimes were committed by those who obscured the truth. Anyone who corruptly impedes the due administration of law and justice could face potential obstruction of justice charges. Obstruction is a crime against justice itself.
Current FBI Director Christopher Wray must also face scrutiny. He likely knew about the exculpatory evidence for the last two and a half years yet appears to have done nothing. This is consistent with his other actions dedicated to protecting, at all costs, the FBI’s reputation, which was sullied beyond repair by his predecessor, Comey. Wray should have been fired long ago,
The treatment of Gen. Michael Flynn is a cautionary tale of the danger to all Americans. If the people we entrust to enforce and uphold the law are capable of persecuting an innocent three-star general while covering up their mendacious acts, imagine what they can do to any of us.
As for mainstream media hacks (all those who jumped at the first chance to accuse Flynn of being a Russian asset), some are now refusing to touch the Flynn story while others are “reasoning” what the FBI did to Flynn was normal.
You know it’s bad when Jonathan Turley, a highly respected lawyer who happens to be a Democrat, wrote this for The Hill, and he continued on Twitter:
Michael Flynn was a useful tool for everyone and everything but justice: Mueller, the media, even the court. What is left in the wake of the prosecution is an utter travesty of justice …
…Justice now demands a dismissal of the Flynn prosecution. But, of course, whatever the “goal” may have been in setting up Flynn, justice was not one of them.

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The deep state cabal put General Flynn through years of hell, and I’m ready for the James Comey-cronies AND their media hacks in this world to face harsh justice. Who’s with me?

As usual, Thursday night, Tucker had a great rundown of what cabal cronies did to Flynn:

Also Thursday night, Sidney Powell talked to Hannity.

If you’ve followed my articles about General Flynn, you know I could go on and on with reasons why Obama cronies targeted General Michael Flynn — Flynn “knows where the bodies are buried.”

Flynn knows more about these cronies than they know about themselves. Along with everything, they hope the world never learns about them, but it smells to me like their time is about up, and the world is soon to learn A LOT.

Allow me to emphasize a General Michael Flynn tweet from November 2016:

And as long as we are following Huma and her sweet hubby Weiner’s laptop, let’s talk about #IRAN. It was LONG AGO on February 1, 2017, when Flynn officially put Iran, and Obama, on notice. Hey, Rachel Maddow, what say you about this?

For anyone paying attention, it is not too difficult to see why deep state criminals and enemies of America had it in their best interest to silence and frame Michael Flynn — astonishingly, they almost got it done.

And for that, it is quite clear why it is in America’s best interest to exonerate General Michael Flynn fully. It is simple: exonerate Flynn, jail the cronies, heal America. Easy. Let’s go.

Devin Nunes had a great chat with Maria Bartiromo on Thursday morning; he was dropping truth bombs and slamming the FBI and the media, left and right. Watch:

#BOOMERANG, I have a feeling General Flynn will be exonerated SOON.

Beyond that, I’ll share some of my favorite nuggets with y’all from social media trending on Flynn. If you are as passionate about Flynn’s full exoneration as I am, I know you’ll enjoy this collection:

Is it me or does it feel like once Flynn is exonerated, the floodgates to much justice will open? I often remember Trump’s tweet from January 2020 when he said, “Get your mops & buckets ready!” I really wonder if the flood of justice is about to hit like a raging storm.

When is the Durham investigation going to be complete, anyway? His findings cannot hit screens soon enough. If only I could be a fly on the wall to watch all the swamp rats panicking.

The rule of law and true justice is blind, AND NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

Flags out for General Flynn!

God Bless General Flynn and God Bless America!

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