Tucker Carlson Delivers Another Epic Monologue, Calls Out ‘Egregious Censorship Effort’ Of Big Tech

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Tucker Carlson delivered yet another epic opening monologue last night.

He’s been on fire lately and last night was no different.  He’s been so much on point that even my husband, who really doesn’t like watching political news shows, has been asking me to wait for him to watch Tucker’s opening monologues.

Last night, Carlson addressed troubling censorship by big tech. He highlighted the case of the California doctors that have been censored on YouTube.

Mock wrote about these physicians and their video that was making the rounds to millions on the internet.

These doctors had the nerve to question the need to lockdown and compared COVID-19 data to the flu. YouTube simply could not allow this and removed their video.

Carlson warned, “…dissent of any kind, is no longer tolerated in this country. Fact-based honesty, which is the soul of science, is under attack, even in hospitals.”

From Fox News:

“People have different opinions,” Carlson said. “More informed debate is exactly what we need to make wise decisions going forward, but unfortunately for all of us, informed debate is exactly what the authorities don’t want. They want unquestioned obedience, so they’re cracking down on free expression.”

Carlson pointed out that the video wasn’t illegal, pornographic or libelous.

“The only justification for taking it down was that the two physicians on screen had reached different conclusions from the people currently in charge.” Carlson said…

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“YouTube’s removal of a local news outlet’s viral doctors video should concern all journalists,” Fourth Watch editor and founder Steve Krakauer wrote in his media newsletter about what he called an “egregious censorship effort on the part of YouTube.”

YouTube’s CEO told CNN it is their policy to remove “medically unsubstantiated” information and anything that goes against World Health Organization recommendations.

This is terrifying.  There’s a reason we have medical opinions. Medial practice is an art as well as a science.  Differing medical opinions should be discussed and debated.  Who among us, if found to have a serious medical condition, does not seek a second opinion?

The WHO has not proven to be an accurate source of information about the coronavirus over the course of this crisis.  Remember when they initially claimed that the virus could not transmit human to human?  And more than that, they have shown themselves to be a nakedly political organization.

YouTube is not the only influential platform censoring speech.  Facebook is also taking part in this dangerous practice.

The Daily Caller reports:

Social media giants like Facebook, Google and YouTube are routinely removing information and videos that they disagree with and consider “harmful misinformation,” a description that “anyone who has watched authoritarian regimes” is familiar with, Carlson said on the opening segment of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“‘Harmful misinformation’ … It’s now how [Facebook founder] Mark Zuckerberg describes political opinions he doesn’t like … Suddenly our media are not concerned about freedom of speech,” Carlson stated.

“Our media are no longer challenging power, they are colluding with power and that may be why there has been so little critical coverage of the massive expansion of our surveillance state currently in progress,” he said, noting that tech companies now routinely watch the actions of American citizens via their cell phones and surveillance drones. “Needless to say our politicians approve of this.”

Tucker points out censorship is about power and that we should all be concerned about how big tech is colluding with government.  Big tech, the media, and government are all in bed together.  Carlson concluded, “Our media are no longer challenging power, they are colluding with power.”

This is extremely dangerous and should trouble all Americans, regardless of political affiliation and ideology.

Thankfully, we still have patriots like Tucker Carlson speaking the truth and Fox News broadcasting it.

If we’ve learned anything lately, it’s that we should not take our freedoms for granted.  They can quickly be taken away with surprising ease. We must fight against this censorship.