Justice Department Hands Over Documents to Michael Flynn’s Legal Team

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The Justice Department announced that it has provided Michael Flynn’s lawyers with documents unearthed in a review ordered by AG Barr, according to NY Post and The Hill.

I’ve been following the journey of General Flynn for several years. And if you’ve been following me on my journey with COTR, you know I’ve written a lot about Flynn’s case and how I’ve always believed he was set up and framed by corrupt members of the Obama administration, namely the FBI.

Well, now there is proof of that. Friday, April 24, 2020, was an ‘All In For Flynn’ kind of Friday when this news appeared on screens everywhere – except, of course, all mainstream media sources that attempted to sell us all on the Russian narrative for years.

This is a big deal, so please bear with me because I must take the time to write more about this travesty of justice. Every bit of Michael Flynn’s story is stunning – his story is one that we would like to believe happens only to people who live in corrupt third world countries. Unfortunately, we all need to think again and realize it happened here in America to a three-star General, and it could happen to any of us.

In December 2018, General Flynn hired Sidney Powell as his counsel, a decision that was good for Flynn and America. If you are not familiar with Sidney Powell, you will be soon; once the evidence is unsealed, Sidney Powell is bound to be a household name.

The documented evidence exonerating Flynn is currently under a court seal but was provided to Powell on Friday. It has been years now that former National Security Advisor and retired three-star general Michael Flynn’s former defense team withheld documents revealing his innocence. Specifically, evidence proving he did not commit any of the crimes the Mueller special counsel and DOJ prosecutors had alleged he committed.

This story is developing.

Powell, who could not discuss the exact contents of the Brady material she has now obtained but has been fighting for since taking Flynn’s case, told Sara A. Carter the material exonerates her client.

“What else has the FBI buried,” said Powell Friday. “Where’s the original 302? And obviously, some of the good agents are finally stepping up.”

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In the supplement to Flynn’s motion to dismiss his case for egregious government misconduct Powell stated Friday that “this afternoon, the government produced to Mr. Flynn stunning Brady evidence that proves Mr. Flynn’s allegations of having been deliberately set up and framed by corrupt agents at the top of the FBI.”

“It also defeats any argument that the interview of Mr. Flynn on January 24 was material to any ‘investigation.’ The government has deliberately suppressed this evidence from the inception of this prosecution—knowing there was no crime by Mr. Flynn,” she added.

“All this new evidence, and the government has advised there is more to come, proves that the crimes were committed by the FBI officials and then the prosecutors,” Powell’s motion to dismiss Flynn’s case states. “The government’s misconduct in this case is beyond shocking and reprehensible. It mandates dismissal.”

Powell has submitted a filing requesting the court to unseal the documents and order the government to give them to Flynn unredacted.

Powell, who has had a long battle to obtain the evidence and is still fighting to obtain information from FBI Director Christopher Wray, who replaced fired FBI Director James Comey said, “this Court must dismiss this concocted prosecution of General Flynn in full recognition of the travesty of justice that it is.”

Trump said in a March 15th tweet; he was ‘strongly considering’ a pardon for Flynn.

It is quite clear to anyone paying attention that Flynn is an innocent victim subject to a corrupt Obama administration frame job, and charges against Flynn should be entirely dismissed.

Are you ready? On Friday, April 24, 2020, at 10:08 PM EST, General Flynn made his first Tweet in several years, and it included his declaration. Flynn’s declaration to withdraw his plea has been public since January 29, 2020, but it’s a big deal that Flynn tweeted this out on Friday night.

General Flynn’s declaration reveals that his original lawyers attempted to aid Special Counsel Mueller’s Russiagate investigation by asking Flynn for dirt on President Trump.

Flynn’s original lawyers also told him Mueller was threatening both himself and his son, Flynn, Jr., with ‘the Manafort treatment’ and looking at 15 years in prison if he did not plead guilty for lying to the FBI. Mueller offered to stop threatening his son IF Flynn would plead guilty. General Flynn stated in his declaration that he accepted the plea deal to stop the pain and threats to his family.

Think that’s awful? It gets worse.

Flynn’s declaration explains that his former lawyers knew that former FBI agents had openly expressed their belief that Flynn did not lie to the FBI, but they withheld that crucial information from Flynn. Flynn explained that had he known the FBI agents who interviewed him did not believe he lied, he would not have pleaded guilty, but his lawyers misled him to secure his cooperation with Mueller.

Pretty disgusting stuff.

I began writing about all of this in October 2019 when at that point Flynn’s new counsel, Sidney Powell, was continuing to dig into everything. My ongoing observations in October were more of a “what-if” scenario because Powell had not yet uncovered a few pieces of the proof-puzzle. Then in January 2020, once General Flynn first submitted his declaration to remove his guilty plea, I wrote more and more and more. And then–BOOM!–to my surprise came the news on Friday, April 24, 2020, when I was admittingly jumping up and down with joy for a renewed hope for justice when I read the news.

Because of Sidney Powell’s strong pursuit of justice, we now know there is proof that the FBI and the Mueller Special Council Office had exculpatory evidence proving Flynn’s innocence. We now know that numerous corrupt clowns held it secretly and moved to prosecute him, anyway, using Flynn’s original legal counsel to get the job done.

The bottom line is this: Why did they target Flynn? Because to “get Trump” they had to “get Flynn” first.

What does that mean for America? It means the entirety of the anti-Trump Russian Collusion narrative was one gigantic lie propagated by the media for years. It means that the media queen of the Russian Narrative, Rachel Maddow, has a lot of explaining to do. It means that the entire Democrat Ant-Trump Russian narrative was a lie and a setup and an attempted coup. And it means, hopefully, that the whole Democrat sh*t show is about to SOON face a reckoning.

Now it is up to FBI Director Wray to do the right thing. Why he hasn’t released this evidence in the past couple of years is mind-boggling. I want to trust that he’ll do the right thing and maybe it will be John Durham who ensures that he does. Time will tell. Here is a great Twitter thread from Brian Cates if you are interested in more developing details about this case.

This crazy journey we have been on is no longer about political party and Democrats versus Republicans. It is about the survival of America and the necessary return to the rule of law and justice. (That’s right, Hillary Clinton. NO ONE is above the law.)

All of us are victims of this corruption. We are all in this together, and it is time to start supporting each other, fam.

Bring on the full exoneration of General Michael Flynn, an American hero. May God bless him for his service and sacrifice. And may all Americans #NEVERFORGET – I know I will not.

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