Don’t Fall For It! Liberals Accused Of Pushing ‘Nurses Versus MAGA Narrative’ As Activists Dress Up In Scrubs and PPE

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Nothing makes me angrier than activists who profit from fake media propaganda and I’m here to write about it.

The media is running out of gas with ways to point blame at President Trump for Coronavirus, and they refuse to place any blame on the Chinese Communist Party. It’s evident that they now want nothing more than to create a “nurses versus MAGA narrative.” And, since Sunday, propaganda artists have successfully staged a few events to precisely do that.

During the protest against the unconstitutional shutdown in Denver, CO on Sunday, a few “nursing” activists (aka actors) caused a scene. When this started to go viral, I could not believe what I was witnessing on social media. I watched intelligent people entirely fall for this propaganda the minute it hit their screens — fellow Americans have become a bunch of suckers.

Here’s a sky view of what happened:

In my not so humble opinion, these actors should be prosecuted for defamation of honorable medical professionals. AND for causing a stir during an otherwise peaceful protest, one where most people were social distancing; these “nurses” were stopping people who were in their cars!

In some cases, these “health care workers” were caught reaching into cars and snatching signs from passengers before throwing the signs on the street. I’m sorry, but THE NURSES AND MEDICAL PROS I KNOW WOULD NEVER DO THIS.

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Seriously folks, would a legit health care worker walk out into public wearing scrubs and a mask after being in an environment that is possibly “rich” in contagions? Would a healthcare worker (begging for more PPE), openly waste perfectly good PPE for street theater? Would an ethical/smart health care worker do this and then go back to work in the same PPE they wore on the street and then likely contaminated from wearing it in public? The answer to all these questions is NO.

Despite all logic, I witnessed liberals eating up the propaganda like it was candy – never even considering a constitutional question about it. These same liberals have marched and protested, demanding that we all keep our hands off their rights to do what they want to do with their own bodies.

Does anyone find it ironic that these liberals are livid about protesters who were marching for the right to do with their bodies what they want? Which in this case, Americans were peacefully protesting their constitutional right to go back to work:

It’s perplexing; the hypocrisy of it all. What’s worse is that it took mainstream liberal media hacks about five minutes to begin promoting these “nurses” as heroes for their selfless sacrifices and their protesting “badassery.” Media hacks did the same thing with Michael Avenatti, the corrupt rat porn star lawyer who stole valor from all good and decent lawyers out there. Those who, by the way, understand that if these “nursing” protestors were/are actors, it is illegal to impersonate nurses and medical professionals – but I digress.

Anything for clickbait, and anything for a liberal anti-Trump narrative, right? And we’re supposed to believe that this hack photographer just happened to be in the right place at the right time before she sent her story to outlets like BUZZFEED (of all sources). There’s no better source than the Russiagate Dossier narrative artistry of BUZZFEED to push her content and validate her as a completely ethical journalist. Totally trustworthy! This photographer who happened to capture “just at the right moment at the right time” in Denver has a history of staging medical photo ops. Go figure.

The bottom line is that the photographer DID NOT get an ID, and the “hero nurses” have not yet come forward to claim their fame with the media.

This is a fabricated story. Why do I believe that so strongly? Journalists can protect a source and not reveal their name, but it is incumbent upon reporters/photographers to get all the info they can and then verify. verify. verify. Never mind that, though. It didn’t matter to the editors at TIME Magazine – they needed no verification, and that is all you need to know about TIME editors who ran with this story. These hacks were (1) played by the protestors or (2) in cahoots with them to push a liberal agenda. Period.

I hold the work of medical professionals at an extremely high regard, and I respect their hard work, commitment, and sacrifices that they make on the front lines for all of us. On the contrary, this political protesting bat-crappery is not front line work for COVID-19. They’re standing on the front lines for an anti-Trump political agenda, and people don’t need valuable PPE to do that. If these protestors are, in fact, nurses and medical pros, lacking PPE and exhausted from the hard work we’re all so grateful for, does anyone believe they’re spending their precious free time protesting? I don’t. I don’t buy it at all.

Beyond the above propaganda, we do have to look at a few recent stories and ask ourselves what is going on in the medical community due to the “disease” of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Is it me, or does this seem staged like the anti-Trump or anti-Kavanaugh protests all over again?

Politics should have nothing to do with Patient care. I think we all get that. But there are some recent extremes in question: (1) this medical executive on the left who was rightly fired for suggesting Trump supporters should infect each other with coronavirus, and pledge to give up their ventilators. And, then (2) this nurse in Denver who allegedly was fired for supporting Trump. Something doesn’t smell right with any of that, and it needs to be addressed.

Ultimately, the only way America is going to heal from all of this is if EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US develops an immunity to media-crap-propaganda. The good news is that it’s an easy thing to do. No vaccine or drug cure is necessary.  All we need to do is tune out the #ENEMEDIA.


Friends don’t let your friends fall into the propaganda trap.