Today’s Media Frauds Owe America A Huge Apology. Watch And Decide For Yourself

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Welcome to April 17, 2020, when it has become evident that the faux media’s new “racist” go-to has evolved into “conspiracy theory.” Tucker Carlson was spot-on with his Thursday night opening monologue, it is truly a must-watch.

Anyone paying attention knows CNN is nothing but a joke. And ditto for MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow who peddled the Russian narrative for four years, even in her sleep. But well before President Trump entered the scene, I am old enough to remember when MSNBC’s Brian Williams was caught lying about his Iraq story in 2015. Never mind that; I guess because he apologized, he must be trustworthy again, and again, and again? Wrong.

Today’s media frauds owe America a huge apology. Why? Watch this, and you decide:

Isn’t it ironic how these same media frauds were selling Americans on a Russian narrative hoax for nearly four years? And yet, now that we know the Russia-gate narrative was, in fact, a “conspiracy theory” weaponized against President Trump and his administration, these same media clowns are now trying to protect the image of the Chinese Communist Party.

Who (or what) are these people working for? I’m not sure, but as Oprah would say, “What I know for sure” is that many in today’s media are nothing more than propaganda artists who seem to be connected at their hips in one way or another to China. They should be ashamed of themselves.

AND why is it that many in the media seem to be staunchly against opening up America anytime soon? May I introduce the now-famous-for-all-the-wrong-reasons Paula Reid at CBS and her “racism” accusations against the Trump administration’s Opening Up America Task Force:

THIS is why I love Kellyanne Conway. She is absolutely right…what has happened to Paula Reid? Will Paula Reid face any “consequences?” (Wink, wink.)

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I will ask it again: Who (or what) is our faux-media working for? Trump called it long ago. The faux media truly is THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, and now the world can see why Trump labeled them as such. America deserves better than crap-media-propaganda.

What is the best way for America to heal and move forward most effectively? My vote is to tune out the #ENEMEDIA.