Kavanaugh, Biden, Faux-Journalism, And The Death Of #MeToo

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Where is #MeToo on Biden? I need to take a moment and talk about this.

It was the Fall 2018 Kavanaugh case that was a turning point for me. I, along with many others, saw it for what it was, and I was disgusted.

It was the Kavanaugh case that put me on a mission to wake people up. So I took to my Facebook page to do that. The price? A few “unfriended” relationships, but I persisted anyway with my mission of calling out the frauds for what they are.

I did not and still do not care about ideological, politically correct feelings and safe spaces, and my Facebook friends know that. And two and a half years later, I continue to call out the frauds one case after the next openly.

By now, hopefully, it has become more evident to most people that weaponized journo-hack practices have destroyed so much in America, it’s disgusting.

Still, some people continue to believe these hacks. @RuthMarcus, have you figured out yet that people paying attention have caught on? Most people can see that your goose is cooked in the darkness, do you realize that?


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Why is no one left of center believing Tara Reade’s allegations against Joe Biden?  If they do believe Tara Reade, why are they not speaking up?  “Believe all women???” Yeah, right.

Where’s Kamala Heels-Up-Harris and her pal Cory Booker? Maybe I should give them a hall pass because they’re too busy comforting their pal, Jussie Smollett.

Where are the paid protestors pounding on Biden’s door?

Where is Alyssa Milano and her solidarity stance for Tara Reade? Oh, that’s right; it is 2020, and Milano is now preaching about the importance of due process.

How about Mazie Hirono’s blunt message to all men, “Shut up and step up and believe all women!”

Where are the Washington Post and New York Times, and, and, and… Does a woman have to be a “PhD in need of cleaning her reading glasses” for you to believe them?

Fox News recently covered the extreme Kavanaugh versus Biden double standard, here.

#NeverForget What Journo-Hack-Frauds Have Done To America

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