Two Doctors Arrested After Allegedly Ripping Down a Senior Citizen’s Trump Flag

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File this one under, only in Florida…

The Blaze is reporting that a couple of doctors were arrested for ripping down a senior citizen’s flag. Watch this surveillance footage.


Police say the man and the woman drove up to the property in a golf cart with their children on April 7.

The surveillance video shows a man and a woman grabbing a ladder to reach the flag while a child implores them to stop. The child cries, saying that they were afraid the parents would go to jail.

Police later booked 41-year-old Geoffrey Michael Fraiche and his 38-year-old wife Laura Webb-Fraiche for the vandalism.

The two were charged with a slew of offenses including contributing to the delinquency of a minor, trespassing, larceny – petit theft, and criminal mischief – property damage.

And from the look of their mug shots, they are quite amused with themselves.

What makes this so terrible is the reaction of their poor child, fearing they would go to jail and pleading with them not to do it. A small child knew better than they, the adults, did.  Truly pathetic.

I’m glad it looks like the book is being thrown at them with all these charges. It is hard to believe these people are professionals. Hopefully there will be repercussions from the medical licensing board in Florida as well. I certainly wouldn’t want these people as my gynecologist.

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) also weighed in on the dynamic duo.

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These lunatics need psychological help for their extreme TDS. Has Lily made that drug the Chicks have been begging for yet? These doctors need it… STAT!