Trump Gets Frustrated At CNN Reporter During WH Press Briefings: “Very Simply… I Am Trying To Save Lives”

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

No one is suggesting or stating the hydroxychloroquine is a miracle drug. We are not even saying that this drug is 100% effective at treating patients with coronavirus. All that we are saying is not to outlaw its use before we try it.

Governors across the country are actively blocking doctors from being able to prescribe to their patients, hydroxychloroquine. This seems like a knee jerk reaction considering there are several promising studies showing the drug’s effectiveness in both healing patients with coronavirus and being used as a preventative.

You can read about the effectiveness, and the exchange Peter Navarro had on CNN, here.

President Trump has held a press conference every day since the original stay at home orders went into effect. During these press conferences, we have had to sit through partisan “journalists” ask “gotcha,” questions that do nothing, but anger the American people.

This weekend was no exception.

A reporter covering the CNN chair during the press briefings over the weekend asked Trump in a very entitled and condescending tone why Trump is promoting this drug.

Trump stops him to explain what every American knows what to be true.

Trump: “Very simply, you know what I am trying to do; save lives.”

Trump explicitly states that he doesn’t want this trial to sit in a lab for 18-months while Americans are dying. If the drug works and there are preliminary studies showing that it works. What is the harm in promoting or supporting the use of this drug?

At the risk of sounding crass, I would really love just one time for Trump to call these people ass wipes.

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In my opinion, the Democrats in the mainstream media do not care how many lives are lost to this pandemic. If they can hang these deaths and the death to the American economy on Donald Trump before the end of the election cycle, they will feel like this pandemic accomplished something for them.

On the other hand, we have Republicans in the public and private sector stepping up and keeping Americans fed, and frontline workers in PPE gear. The states were woefully unprepared for this pandemic, but the task force is doing everything in its power to right the ship.

The mainstream doesn’t like to report on these positives or anything accurate. Instead, we are getting little passive-aggressive questions like this for Trump to respond to.

All we want is to save American lives and the American economy. Why does it always feel like the left wants nothing but to destroy America?