Chuck Todd Is A Complete Tool And His Interview With Joe Biden Proves It

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

As always, the mainstream media is using the crisis our nation is in to try and take down Trump and the conservative movement. They are misquoting him, undermining him, and downright blaming him for the deaths of Americans.

Chuck Todd had an interview with Joe Biden over the weekend. I understand that Joe Biden is running for President, but there is nothing he can do during this time to help except stay home and quit confusing himself. None the less the liberal media continue to bring him on to their show to give him softball questions. The good thing for regular Americans is that these interviews often create the opposite effect that was intended. These interviews consistently show Americans that Joe Biden has lost the ability to lead this nation mentally and would be nothing more than a figurehead.

In this particular interview, it wasn’t Joe Biden’s faculties that are showcased but rather Todd Chuck’s ability to be the biggest tool in America.

Chuck Todd to Biden: ” Do you think that there is blood on the President’s hands considering the slow response?

Chuck, you absolute waste of space, “questions” like this is the reason why regular Americans do not trust the media. It is the reason your ratings get lower and lower every quarter.

The reality is that if we didn’t have Trump in the office, our infected numbers and the number of deaths would be much higher than what we are experiencing right now.

Since coronavirus became a threat to the world, Trump has:

  • Spoken to the American people to calm the waters and give hope
  • Enacted strict travel bands
  • Blamed the real enemy (China)
  • Garnered respect from Governors for his ability to get them the needed resources
  • Brought in the private sector to quickly make much-needed equipment and supplies
  • Thanked the hard work of Americans working around the clock to keep this country running
  • Enacted social distancing protocols
  • Pushed for faster FDA approvals on life-saving equipment, and medicine

The list could go on and on, but none of it matters while the mainstream media continue to undermine him at every move.

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