Liberals Blame Trump’s High Ratings On Evening News Making Him ‘Appear Competent’

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Oh no, you mean the lefty media outlets are unable to hide the truth of Trump’s greatness? What ever will we do?!

I mean, really all that means is that the left is running out of ways to skew what POTUS is saying and how hard he is working.

The truth will always prevail even if the lies are loud and hold their longevity.

Breitbart reported:

As President Donald Trump’s approval ratings hit all-time highs, Trump’s critics are now arguing that the nightly news broadcasts are inadvertently upping his ratings by inadvertently making Trump seem “coherent,” “competent,” and “presidential” by truncating his rambling responses during the Coronavirus crisis.

We’re literally all stuck at home with barely anything to do, media platforms are all covering the coronavirus status nonstop, and we’re receiving the updates directly from Trump’s task force daily briefings, often via live footage. We are witnessing Trump in action right before our very eyes.

Trump ‘seeming coherent and competent’ is just Trump being Trump. Get used to it.

Whether the evening news truncates his speeches with the highlights, that doesn’t suggest that anything else he had to say was incoherent.

We can all access the speeches in full anyways.

More from Breitbart:

Press Watch’s Dan Froomkin argued on Wednesday “that the broadcast networks shouldn’t break into regular programming to show the briefings live anymore. Watching them, unfiltered, makes their viewers dumber and less safe.”

So the inability to cut, edit, and otherwise distort the message for a lefty agenda, is less dumb? You can’t have it both ways.

“More often than not, mainstream reporting on even the most incoherent and contradictory Trump briefing consists of cherry-picking quotes that make him sound coherent, and in no way whatsoever indicate the true nature of the lunacy,” Froomkin continued.

“To some degree, we’re getting the worse of both worlds right now.

When Trump says something outrageous, the media unthinkingly broadcasts it live – then ignores it.”

… correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the very nature of cutting and editing his speeches to fit a liberal narrative the very epitome of cherry-picking?

The most recent Gallup poll found that 60% of Americans approve of how Trump is handling the Coronavirus crisis while his job approval rating (49%) has hit an all-time high.

I’ve still yet to read or hear of these “outrageous statements” that cause viewers to be more dumb and less safe.

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