Unhinged Alyssa Milano Suggests Trump’s Hotels Should Be Used To Treat COVID-19 Patients

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Woooow. So altruistic of her.

UHM. One question – How many hospital beds and patients could be treated in your own home, lady? Let’s start there before you demand what is done with space owned by someone else.

The left just love to be self-righteous when it deals with someone else’s belongings and property.

“Isn’t MY idea fantastic for YOU to do and for ME to NOT be involved in at all? I’ll be accepting re-tweets and Instagram followers for my validation, thanks.”


AHEM. Trump owns ONE hotel/tower in New York, as confirmed by the Trump’s Organization’s official website, which contains commercial AND residential use.

Breitbart reported:

Actress and left-wing activist Alyssa Milano is calling on President Donald Trump to convert his New York hotels into hospitals to treat coronavirus patients as the city continues to be overwhelmed by new cases of the illness.

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The actress failed to note that the president only owns one hotel in New York City —  the Trump International Hotel & Tower.

Still, her tweet has been “liked” by a number of Hollywood celebrities, including Don Cheadle, Lori Petty, and Michael McKean.

President Trump tweeted –

So, since everyone wants to be a couch-side expert, please tell me how FOUR new medical centers and FOUR new hospitals must mean Donald Trump isn’t doing enough for New York, based on the grounds that HIS hotel and tower isn’t being utilized for such a purpose?

More from Breitbart:

Trump International Hotel & Tower said on its site that it is still open during the coronavirus pandemic, but its guest amenities like food service have temporarily closed until further notice.

Alyssa Milano’s tweet follows multiple reports saying that New York City officials are considering a plan to convert some hotels into hospitals — but only for non-coronavirus patients with minor ailments.  The Wall Street Journal reported that some hotels are already being used by the city for quarantine.

If you’re not willing to offer up the space in your own home, you don’t have a leg to stand on in suggesting what others do with their businesses or dwellings of the like.

Get back to your butt-imprinted assigned seat in your lavish mansion.