Dude Who Licked Toilet Seat Tests Positive For Coronavirus

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I’m honestly more shocked that he only tested positive for coronavirus.

With the world we live in, and the idiots that fill it, I wouldn’t be surprised if toilets come equipped with warning labels in the near future that state the dangers of licking the toilet seats.

“Employees must wash hands before returning to work and, please, for the love of God, don’t lick the toilet seats.”

I mean, even curling irons have warning labels that specify that they are for external use only.

According to Mirror:

A man who filmed himself licking a toilet bowl in the ‘coronavirus challenge’ is now reportedly ill in hospital with the deadly disease.

In bizarre footage posted on TikTok, the man can be seen placing his mouth around the bowl and extending his tongue.

According to Piers Morgan on GMB, the same man is now receiving treatment.

The presenter said: “You may remember also the other idiot, this is also in America, as part of the coronavirus challenge some morons are doing, went into  his local toilet cubicle and licked the bowl.

“I think this called karma – he’s got coronavirus.”

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Watching this was almost as uncomfortable as watching a movie with your parents and an unanticipated sex scene takes over.

…except I was totally alone in my room watching this godforsaken Tik Tok. *BARF*

This is also the guy that appeared on Dr. Phil stating he doesn’t talk to his family because they lack a social media following.

Oh, and he also took part in licking ice cream and placed it back on the shelves in stores.

There’s a shortage of hospital beds due to COVID-19 and this idiot takes up one of them.

Let that sink in.