BREAKING: Man Who Recorded Himself Licking Items at Walmart ARRESTED

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A couple of days ago I wrote about this jagbag who licked items in a Walmart and took a video of himself taunting people.  You can read about it and watch the video here.  

Well, this loser has been arrested and charged!  Score one for the good guys.

And a loser he is.  Cody Pfister, age 26, has a prior criminal history including convictions for drug possession, DWI, burglary, and firearm theft.

According to the River Front Times:

A Warrenton man was charged with making a terrorist threat after he filmed himself licking bunch of items at Walmart.

“Who’s afraid of the coronavirus?” Cody Pfister, 26, taunts in a video he later posted to social media.

The video spread around the world, and Warrenton police said in a statement the department had been contacted by people in the Netherlands, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

“We take these complaints very seriously and would like to thank all of those who reported the video so the issue could be addressed,” police said in the statement.

The video appears to have been filmed on March 11 at the Warrenton store, according to court records. Pfister was taken into custody this week, and Warren County prosecutors charged him today. The charge is a low-level felony.

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Too bad the prosecutor did not charge Pfister with more than just terroristic threats.   What about vandalism?  I think an argument could be made that the products were vandalized.  This man needs to have the book thrown at him.

In any case, hopefully the judge sentences this man to the harshest allowable penalty under the law.

Do you think the scorn he has received online will open Pfister’s eyes to what an idiotic thing he did?