UPDATED. A Point Of Personal Privilege If I May. Have You Heard Of Napelex? Because You Need To Know How Much They Suck.

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It’s rare that I use this platform in this way, but I’m raging, and I need to vent my rage.

I want to tell you a story about a product called Napelex.  Perhaps you’ve seen ads for it on social media platforms. It’s a neck massager, and I ordered it for my husband for Valentine’s Day, because he’d tweaked his neck and was in a lot of pain and I thought it’d be a nice addition to the steroid pack and physical therapy he was prescribed.

Anyway, I specifically ordered it because it was a German product and NOT a Chinese one. To the extent possible, I don’t wanna ever order anything from China again ever.  And on the Napelex website, here’s the first thing listed on their Q&A.

If that’s too small to read, it says, “Where do you ship from?  All our products are shipped directly from our warehouse in Berlin, Germany, Europe.”

So, that’s pretty straightforward, right?  No China.

Right when I ordered on February 3 (and my credit card was hit for $69.95), I noticed that I never got the promised confirmation email with my order number.  I waited a few days, and wrote to request it using their online contact form.  I wrote:

Hello – I placed an order a couple of weeks ago but cannot find a confirmation number or tracking number and would like to know when we will receive it.  My credit card was charged 69.95 on February 3.

My address is XXX, Indianapolis, IN  XXXXX.

Please let me know our tracking number – thanks!

Miriam Weaver

I got this response:


Unfortunately we are out of stocks due to our previous clients purchases. our next batch will be on February 10, but we assure you 100% that you will get your product in due time.
We are here always to assist you, please we ask a little patience.

Napelex Team

Ummm….ok thanks Julia but that doesn’t help.  I want an order number.

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I tried again, and responded:

Ok thank you but could you please provide my order number/confirmation so that I can track it when it ships?

She wrote back (this was on February 10):

Hello Miriam,

Thank you for your order.

We apologize for the delay in shipping our product, we do not want to make excuses, but just want to explain the delay in shipping.

Our main fulfilment centre is in China and because of the problem that they are having has caused our factory to stop the services.

Every factory doesn’t work right now in China, the governments released an order.

We have been in consistent contact with them and they are estimated to be back up and running on17th February.

We are so sorry for a shipping delay. We will send you an email as soon as your order is shipped. You will be able to track your order on our website from there.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us!

Julia, Napelex Team


I was irritated, but the damage was done.  I waited a FULL WEEK, and wrote back:

Hello  – did shipping resume yesterday as your email suggested?  What is my order number?

She responded on the 20th:

The situation looks becoming better now but the government it’s still strict. Our factory just started and the shipment areas are limited.

We are so sorry for a shipping delay. We didn’t expect to have this problem. We will send you an email as soon as your order is shipped. You will be able to track your order on our website from there.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us!

Julia, Napelex Team

On MARCH 2, which is obviously waaaay past Valentine’s Day, I wrote Julia again:

I would like a tracking number for this order or a refund.  Thanks!

Keep in mind, I’ve simply RESPONDED to the entire thread worth of emails above, so they’re all included with request.  The entire message history is right there in the email. And do you know what Julia had the balls to write back to me?  This.

Hi Miriam,

Please provide us with full name or order number.

Julia, Napelex Team


I responded:

I have asked you over and over again for the order number in this email thread and you have never provided it.  The full name is Miriam Weaver, the order was placed on February 3 and my credit card was charged 69.95 on that date.  My address is XXXXX Street, Indianapolis, IN XXXXX?

She writes back (by the way we’re now on March 2):

Hi Miriam,

We have already shipped your order and we sent you an email with the tracing number.

This is your tracking number:   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

You can take this code now and go on our website, “Track Your Order”. Copy and Paste the tracking number.

You will be able to see where your order is. If any concern please let us know. Thank you and have a nice day!

Julia, Napelex Team

Ok.  Progress, right?

So I wait. The damn thing finally arrives around March 12.  It looks promising.  It comes with the neck thingy, the remote control, and a charging USB cable.  I hook it up to charge for a couple hours and then fire it up.  The neck thing power light comes on.  It doesn’t DO anything, however, without the remote.  I click one of the four buttons on the remote.  Nothing.  I try the other three buttons.  Nothing.  The damn thing is utterly inoperable.

I write to Julia.

Hello – the product we received does not work.  While the component that fits around the neck turns on and off, the remote doesn’t do anything at all, making the entire thing useless.

We either need a replacement or a refund.


She responds:

Hi Miriam,

Please provide us with the video of proof of the damaged item.

Julia, Napelex Team

Whizzah Whuzzah?  I responded.

It’s not damaged.  The remote control just doesn’t work. What sort of video do you want me to send?

She responds:

Hi Miriam,

Please send the video of the remote that doesn’t work.

Julia, Napelex Team

Can you even?  But whatever.  I’m down to clown.  It’s absurd that she wants to see a video of me pressing non-functional buttons, but if that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes. So I video record me pressing non-functional buttons with my phone, upload it to youtube and send it to her.

Riveting, amirite?

March 19th, I sent a request for an update.

I sent the video. What are next steps?

Julia responds.

Hi Miriam,

Please we need full action video.
We didn’t see the Napelex turned on.

Julia, Napelex Team

At this point, my patience is wearing thin.

I respond:

I’D LOVE TO, but now the Napelex won’t power on.  I’ve been charging it for well over two hours, and the light is still red.  It held the first charge for about 20 minutes before dying.

I’m not sure why you’re making me go through these unnecessary hoops for a product that is CLEARLY DEFECTIVE.

I want a refund or replacement.  This is utterly unacceptable.

Julia goes radio silent.

On the 22nd, I write again:

Please tell me when I can expect my money back or a replacement unit.

And then, this morning, I get this:

Hi Miriam,

We are sorry to hear about that.

the shipping address is:

Biondo & Biondo GbR

Karlstraße 1, 79104 Freiburg Im Breisgau, Germany

Once we receive the product in Good Condition, we will release you a FULL REFUND.

 Julia, Napelex Team

*As it is written with our policy, return shipping cost is not covered by Napelex.

You can imagine the rage.  I was absolutely SEETHING.  And I responded:

You’re expecting me to pay for return shipping to GERMANY?  

I run a website that is visited by millions of people monthly at chicksontheright.com.  I am a talk show radio host.  I have well over 1.5 million social media followers.  And I will absolutely not hesitate to use every single one of those platforms to talk about the horrible experience I’ve had with your joke of a company. 

Your product is garbage.  And I hope my $69 was worth the hit you’re going to take to your reputation.

So here I am.  I’m telling everyone I know in the best way I know how to – by blasting it from every possible platform I can think of, including this one. If you wouldn’t mind sharing this story with everyone you know, I would greatly appreciate it. And DO NOT BUY A NAPELEX.

Suck it, Julia.

UPDATE AS OF 3/26/2020

So there’s been some progress.

After this post went up the other day, and I forwarded a copy of it to Julia at Napelex, a WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER PEOPLE from Napelex got involved.  They’ve been apologetic, have offered a full refund, and even floated the idea of sending me a complimentary Napelex so that I can test it out and write a review of it.  I told them that once I received the credit back on my card that I would absolutely update this post, and that if they send me a device that works, I’m happy to review it.

The credit appeared on my statement this morning, and my full payment was refunded.  I’m not sure if they still plan to send me a replacement, but if they do, I will review it as promised.